Same Day Delivery

Orders placed before 11AM (KST) can usually be delivered on the same day. However, please contact us first and discuss if a same delivery is possible. The fees start at 13$

Korean Addresses

Here’s an example on a Korean address:

Mr. Gildong Hong
Apt. 102-304
Sajik-ro-3-gil 23
Jongno-gu, Seoul 30174

Delivery zones

Flowers and cakes are only delivered in and around Seoul and starts from 13$.
Other gifts such as teddy bears, snack boxes and wines can be sent by regular courier to anywhere in Korea for a fixed fee of 5$.


Select your gift among our beautifully designed and hand made flower bouquets. Every single flower is hand picked daily at the local flower market and as long as it is possible we use only locally grown flowers.


We have a wide variety of baskets and boxes with beautiful flower arrangements, candy and other delicious snacks. We use a selection of snacks from all over the world, popular candies and of course the same high quality flowers.


A classic teddy bear or a cute penguin is the perfect gift to send with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. We have a variety of stuffed toys to suit most tastes and for those who prefer a remote controlled car or an electronic piggy bank, that is also among our products.

Chocolate & Snacks

For those with a sweet tooth, we can offer a selection of chocolates for example the popular Korean Pepero that is a mandatory gift on its own dedicated day Nov 11. Our snacks goes well with a beautiful rose bouquet and a cute teddy bear.

Flower Gift Korea’s most popular products

  • FGK’s Flower Bouquet of the Day

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  • A Romantic Walk Flower Bouquet

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  • Flower Gift korea Chocolate Bouquet

    FGK Chocolate Bouquet

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  • Snack Gift Box (A)

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People often ask if we can deliver to a singer, boy band or actress that they like. In many cases we can, but there are also agencies who refuse to receive anything unless on special days and events. Other agencies require an application to be sent in advance to arrange the hand over. So there is not one answer to this question, but many depending on who you wish to send to and in which occasion. For more information about delivering to celebrities in Korea, visit our blog and our guide at
Box (parcel) delivery - this type of delivery cannot be used for flowers or cakes, but anything else. Our delivery partner delivers anywhere in Korea, even on Jeju. It usually takes a day or two for a parcel to arrive from the day we sent it and there is unfortunately not an option to request a specific delivery time or date. Hand delivery - this type of delivery is used for all our flower and cake deliveries. As soon as we finish a flower arrangement it is immediately being picked up and brought to the recipient and unless it's really busy (mostly weekends) we can guarantee the delivery within a time span of an hour or two. For more information, visit
Flower Gift Korea is a small and 100% family driven company. Because of this, we can take complete control of the products we choose to use and guarantee our customers the absolutely best quality. We have also chosen our store and private residence to be in the neighborhood of the largest flower market in Seoul, which enable us to buy fresh flowers every morning. Once you receive one of our flower arrangements, you will not be in doubt.
1. Go to the shop and one or several products to the basket 2. Once you have added all the items you would like to purchase, go to the basket 3. From the basket, go to check out 4. Enter your (billing) information 5. Enter shipping (recipient) information 6. Select card type and write your own message 7. Choose delivery type 8. Choose payment type 9. Place order and go follow payment steps