10 best gifts for your girlfriend in Korea

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Buying gifts for your girlfriend or wife can be difficult regardless of where in the world you are. Maybe you just met her and you are in doubt about exactly what she likes, or perhaps you have known each other for years or decades, and she already has everything that she needs. Whatever the situation might be, it can be a challenge to find the right gift.

Flower Gift Korea has helped thousands of people find gifts for their girlfriend or wife in Korea, and we have gathered some of the ideas below to help you with some inspiration that would make most girls happy.

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When considering the gift, it should be either (1) something useful for her so that she wants to use it on a regular basis or (2) something that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself, but she would love to receive as a gift. But let’s quickly dive into the suggestions.

Cosmetics, clothes, perfumes?

Knowing her taste will help you buy a gift, and if you aren’t sure, then one of these 3 items can be a risky choice. Take a peek in her makeup stash to check out her preferences and note down the brands and colors that she has there. If your choice is too far from her preference and seems too random, it can give her the impression that you didn’t spend time on it and in the worst case make her really disappointed.

Matching items

Matching items would be a meaningful gift that would make her feel like she is with you all the time even when you two are not physically together. Any gift below could be your matching item. One thing you should know is that you can pick something identical if the items are small enough, such as bracelets, phone cases, rings etc. But if you’re thinking of something bigger than that such as outfits, sneakers, backpacks etc., pick something not identical but looks similar (same model with different colors, same model with different materials, different items with same colors etc.)


You can think of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets or rings. But matching jewelry items are even better. Jewelry with a birthstone could be a good idea, too. It tells you something about her so she might want to keep it for a long time.
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Bath products

Bath products are a lot safer option than cosmetics. Girls have their own preferences for cosmetics that work perfectly for their skin. If you pick the wrong ones, it might be a disappointment for her. On the other hand, bath products in general would work for anyone.

e-book reader

If she likes to read, e-book readers would be perfect for her.

There’s one thing you have to consider before you buy one though. Does she read books written in English or Korean? If she reads books written in English, you might want to consider a Kindle, but if she mainly reads books written in Korean, you have to find an e-book reader made in Korea that makes it easier to find e-books written in Korean.

Massage devices

Koreans understand the benefit of massage, and most Koreans work hard which causes pain on their shoulders, neck, back and legs. The market for these devices is huge in Korea so if you need help choosing a device, just give us a call.

Purse, bags

It is a classic gift for girls, but once again, you need to find out her specific taste for these items. Brand is important for some girls, others may care more about other aspects of a bag or purse. If you take a look at the bags she already has, you might quickly see what kind of bag or brand that she is into. They come in many sizes and shapes, so you would need to decide which type you want to gift too. Should it be an everyday bag? A bag that she can bring on a fancy dinner? There are many things to consider when buying a bag, but don’t let it scare you. As long as you put time and effort into it, any girl will feel appreciated.


Pajamas could help her get a good night sleep. You can find something cute, silky or warms warm, depending on what she likes better.


Candles make the home cozy. Especially in this pandemic era, people are spending a lot more time at home, so things that could make the home cozy would be nice. Candles could be one of those items.
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Smart watch, Smart phone, air pod

If she is a tech-lover, smart watches, smart phones or air pods would be a good choice. Apple products are popular among the most, but Samsung products are also a good choice. Customized covers for mobile phones and ear buds, can be a great way to make your gift stand out. For example, have a cover made with a photo of your girlfriend and you together, your puppy or something else that can make her smile.

Don’t forget the flowers & a card message

Finally, regardless of what you decide to buy, always accompany your gift with some beautifully arranged flowers and write a short message from your heart. Don’t forget the card, it really makes a difference. We often see people skipping the card message, but the 5-10 mins spent on a warm card message really sends a signal full of love and affection.

These were our tips for buying a gift for your girlfriend or wife. We hope they helped you on the way and if you need more help, don’t hesitate to give us a call or a mail.

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  1. Great tips on gift giving in Korea! E-book reader is a good idea that not many people think of.

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