2023’s major events and happenings in Korea

Korea in 2023 has been a whirlwind of excitement, particularly for K-pop enthusiasts and tourists. Let’s explore some of the 2023’s major events and happenings that have made Korea a must-visit destination.

1. K-Pop Concerts and Events

After a long period of travel bans and no-contact events, 2023 was the long-awaited return to (almost) normal. Korea’s K-pop landscape was a dynamic showcase of talent and excitement, captivating audiences globally. The year was marked by iconic concerts and events that not only displayed the genre’s versatility but also its global appeal. Leading the charge was BLACKPINK with their electrifying BORN PINK world tour, followed closely by SEVENTEEN’s captivating FOLLOW tour in Seoul. Stray Kids and IU mesmerized fans with their respective dome tours, while the Global Citizen Festival in New York saw the likes of Jung Kook from BTS. Each event offered a unique blend of music, performance, and cultural impact, highlighting why K-pop remains a global phenomenon​

2. Film and Drama Locations

Fans of Korean dramas and movies had the chance to visit iconic filming locations. These spots, from the picturesque streets of Seoul to the tranquil countryside, offered a unique way to experience the settings of beloved screen stories.

Check out for example Mullae-dong where the final battle in The Uncanny Counter was filmed. This is one of our favorite areas! This area has an amazing hipster vibe, with boutique-style shops hidden between the still-active workshops. Be sure to give this old industrial neighborhood a visit. See the location below.

3. Cultural Festivals

Festivals showcasing Korea’s rich heritage, modern art, and music have been a highlight. Events like the Seoul Lantern Festival and the Busan International Film Festival drew crowds from around the world.

The team at Flower Gift Korea loves flowers and the Korean Cherry blossoms are a must-see! Down south, you will find a beautiful little town called Jinhae, famous among Koreans for the Cherry blossom festival. While there, be sure to try all the local foods and sweets.

4. K-Pop Dance Workshops

2023’s major events and happenings outside and inside Korea also including K-pop dance. Many studios in major cities started offering K-pop dance workshops, where fans could learn the choreography of their favorite songs – a unique way to immerse themselves in the world of K-pop.

If you’re interested in K-pop dance there are lots of workshops and dance studios whether you live in Switzerland, Philadelphia, or London.

5. Food Tours with a K-Pop Twist

Culinary tours tailored for K-pop fans featured stops at favorite eateries of famous idols, giving fans a taste of both the cuisine and the celebrity lifestyle.

We recommend taking a look at for example Airbnb to find an experienced foodie who can guide you to the best food in Korea. Check the link below.


6. K-Beauty Experiences

The global craze for K-beauty was well catered to in 2023, with exclusive tours of beauty districts in Seoul, offering insights into the beauty routines of K-pop stars. A trip to Korea is not complete until you have visited Olive Young, one of the largest K-beauty chains in Korea. In 2023 Olive Young opened a shop in Myoung Dong catering specifically to non-Korean-speaking foreigners. See the location below.

서울 중구 명동길 53 올리브영 명동 플래그십

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