5 Mistakes People Make When Receiving Flowers

1. They Do Not Take Off the Plastic Wrapping off the Flower Basket

Many people send beautiful flower baskets to their wives, parents, girlfriends, celebrities , and friends in Seoul South Korea. And sometimes the person in Korea receiving the flower basket,  has never received a flower basket in their life before. So when they receive a flower basket as a gift, they believe it is in their best interest to leave everything intact. However, it is much better if the wrapping is taken off. Think of a wrapped gift you receive. Usually, you unwrap the gift to find out what it is. So you should do the same when you receive a flower basket as a gift from a loved one in Korea or outside of Korea.

Taking off the plastic wrapping makes it easier for the flowers to breathe, gives them free space to grow, and it looks a lot better!

Here is an image of the exact same flower basket wrapped and unwrapped. You can see the difference:

Though the image on the right is of better quality, you can also see that the flowers basket looks better. Also, it makes it that much easier to care for the flower basket.

So the next time you receive flowers from Flower Gift Korea, make sure to remove the plastic wrapping, even if there are some nice ribbons used. You want the flowers to last as long as possible and to look as beautiful a possible as well.

2. They Leave the Flowers in the Sun (or in a Hot Environment)

Most people know that plants need water and sunlight to grow. But that is when the plant is growing and has a root. Most flower gifts are a design made up of “cut flowers”. That means there is no root and are just doing their best to survive as long as possible. The best way for cut flowers to survive is to be in clean water and out of the sun.

So make sure you do not leave the flowers out in the sun to roast, or in a hot car. Or else they will not last long.

3. They Spill the Water that is in the Water Bag at the Base of the Bouquet.

So a lot of the times, when you buy a flower bouquet, you just get a bouquet of flowers wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper. But sometimes, the florist ties a bag of water to the base of the bouquet, so the flowers can be in water. This is usually done because the flowers need more water. Though it does make the overall bouquet a little heavier, it does help keep the flowers alive longer.

However, most people do not know about this. There have been so many people who just lay the flower horizontally on a table or carry the flower bouquet horizontal to the ground when carrying it out of the shop. We always do our best to warn people when there is a bag of water at the bottom of the bouquet, but sometime it isn’t possible for us to do so.

Here is one of our flower bouquets:

The red oval shows where the stems of the hydrangeas have been placed in water tubes. You cannot see it unless you take off the wrapping, but the tubes are there. Sometimes our florists use bags of water, but at times, sometimes our florists in Korea do not put the flowers in any water for various reasons.

So the next time you receive a bouquet of flowers, check to see if there is a bag of water tied to the bottom of the flowers. If there is, make sure you do not spill any of the waters. Though flower stems love to be in water, a lot of flower heads prefer not to be in water.

4. They Do Not Give the Flowers Enough Water (or Too Much Water)

As mentioned in another point, it is important to keep cut flowers in water, in a cool environment, and out of the sun. Flower baskets usually have water in the floral foam, which gives the cut flowers water. Floral foam is a sponge like material which absorbs water and acts as a base for the flower design. Before a florist sticks different types of flowers into the floral foam to create a beautiful flower design, the florist soaks the floral foam in water.

The best thing you can do with your flower basket, is to check to see if it is still wet. You can just stick your finger in between the flower stems and check to see how dry it is. You want to make sure that the floral foam is wet at all times. Depending on the size of the basket, you probably want to pour in half a cup to a cup of water every day or two.

Here is a Flower Gift Korea Flower basket design:

If you look in the image, you can see the green floral foam in the red circle.

For flower bouquets, the best thing you can do, is to take it out of the flower wrapping and put the flowers in a vase with clean water. But you can also opt to dry the flower bouquet as a whole, which is what some people do. To do that, you just have to hang the flower bouquet upside down and wait for it to dry.

Also one of the major causes of flower pots dying much earlier than usual is giving it too much water. Cut flowers need to be constantly in clean water, but potted plants only need water periodically. Some flowers and plants only need water once every two months! But some people believe the soil should always be wet, which is wrong. If you keep giving a flower pot water, the root can easily rot, which will kill the plant.

So you should only really give the flowerpot water when the soil is dry. Just because a plant is a little limp does not mean it is dead. But too much water can kill a flower pot unexpectantly

5. They Don’t Look for the Message Card

Every flower delivery comes with a message from the sender. However, sometimes people don’t realize that there is a card with the delivery. When most people receive a flower gift delivery in Korea, they are usually not expecting. So they sometimes don’t realize that there is more in the bag that they receive or that there is a card attached to the back of the flower bouquet.

Here is a Flower Gift Korea Gift Set:

In the above image, you can’t see where the card is. It can be in one of three places. It can be tucked in on the side of the bag beside the teddy bear, it can be taped onto the chocolate gift, or clipped onto one of the sides of the flower bouquet.

So the next time you receive some flowers from Flower Gift Korea, check everywhere for a card, there will always be one.

And keep in mind the other 4 of the 5 points in this post the next time you receive something from Flower Gift Korea.

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  1. The post you shared here is very informative. Thanks for writing such an amazing post with us.

  2. I like your tip to make sure that the floral foam is wet in order to keep the flowers watered the proper amount. My sister’s wedding is coming up and I have been placed in charge of the flowers. These tips will definitely help me keep them looking nice the whole day.

  3. Another Important one, Is not being around during delivery, Please Check with your neighbors if you are expecting flower delivery.

  4. Thank you for letting us know to look for a water bag tied to the bottom of a flower bouquet the next time we receive one. My friend wants to offer a flower to her girlfriend as a present. When he buys flowers from a flower shop, I will advise him to look for a bag of water connected to the bottom of the blooms.

  5. Great observation, I will probably remember this and share it with others for additional information when receiving some flowers.

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