5 Star Raffle Prize Draw January 2018

As of now, Flower Gift Korea has over 290 five star reviews, which have been written on our Facebook Fanpage ( www.facebook.com/flowergiftkorea/reviews ) or on our Google Map page.

We are always humbled the kind words left by people. We aren’t perfect here at Flower Gift Korea, but we do our absolute best to serve each of our customers as best as we can.

And for the month of January 2018, we raffled away 7 prizes. So 7 different customers who have left us a 5 star review have the opportunity to send something nice to someone in Korea, or they can just send something nice to themselves.

Prize 1. Larva Hand Warmer 

Winner: Michael from Canada (Customer ID: 10509)

Prize 2. Doraemon the Protector

Winner: Marco Van Kampen from The Netherlands (Customer ID: 10117)

Prize 3. Belgian Chocolates

Winner: Jimmye Awn from the US (Customer ID: 10027)

Prize 4. Soap Toy Flower Bouquet A

Winner: Debra Hamlin from the US (Customer ID: 10345)

Prize 5. $50 US credit on our Online Shop

Winner: Aina Ahmad from Malaysia (Customer ID: 10049)

Prize 6.  $50 US credit on our Online Shop

Winner: Ronald Chong from Australia (Customer ID: 10019)

Prize 7.  $100 US credit on our Online Shop

Winner: Farah Diyana Izzati Samsuri Hairol Wati from Brunei (Customer ID: 10388)

So these 7 lucky people have won prizes and will be emailed about their prizes soon. If you didn’t win anything, don’t worry, we’ll have more of these draws. Also, if you have purchased something, but haven’t left a 5 star review, make sure to leave one before we have our next raffle draw, so you have a chance to win an awesome prize! And if you missed out on the draw, you can check out the youtube video below. It is the live video we created on Instagram.

2 thoughts on “5 Star Raffle Prize Draw January 2018

  1. Hi I am the bigest fan of kapop(straykids) JYP PRODUCTION from pakistan And I want to send gift(flowers) to them and I want your help to send them that flowers so can I send it to you to send it to straykids because I really really like them especially bangchan so please can you help me. I will be very thankful to you please can you make my dream real

    1. Hello, thank you for your message. From what we know, JYP company does not accept flower deliveries or any kind of delivery at their agency for their artists unless you get special permission from the agency or it is on a specific day they allow for it. You will need to find out when kapop(straykids) allows for flower deliveries by asking other fans, as we do not know this information. We can deliver flowers to JYP Entertainment for you on the specific day they accept gifts, but other days, they will not accept them.

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