Peony Flower Bouquet South Korea Delivery

4 thoughts on “Peony Flower Bouquet South Korea Delivery

  1. I would like a bouquet of peonies to send to my girlfriend in korea.

    1. Hi Sean
      It’s a bit early for Peonies. They are just starting to appear at the flower market, so the quality and colors are still limited.
      Yesterday I saw pink Peonies. What color did you have in mind?

  2. I would like to send Peony flowers to my daughter who is in Seoul. Her birthday is around August. Is it possible to find peony flowers by then?

    1. Dear Joyce
      I’m afraid that Peonies can be quite hard to find around August.
      Peonies are usually available until the beginning or perhaps the middle of June.
      I hope we can help you send some other beautiful flowers instead πŸ™‚

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