A few words about us

We are Genibie and Kee, two individuals with a passion for design and creativity.

We are also global citizens and understand life far away from people we love, and how important it is to be able to send a token of love on special days or sometimes just because…

Together we run Flower Gift Korea, with passion, with empathy and with inspiration from all over the world.

We hope that you can find something you like in our webshop, but if not, just send us a message!

FGK’s history

Flower Gift Korea was started in 2016 by Tony and Brandy. Like us, they understood life abroad, far away from people you care about, and people who cares about you. Sending and receiving a gift, a flower, for example, means so much more when you live in a new country with few friends and perhaps little to no family.

They saw a need for a shop in Korea, a shop that understands these people and provides service in English. And a shop that caters for non-Korean speaking customers who want to connect to their relatives and friends in Korea.

In 2018, they decided to continue their journey outside Korea (as the global citizens they are) and we, Genibie and Kee, took over the business with precisely the same spirit and purpose as initially.

The people in the shop



Owner & Florist

I was born and raised in the Philippines. My mother was a tailor and taught me about design and fashion, but for some reason flowers just caught my attention more often. Her influence though, has been fueling my passion for flower design. I love the colors, the smell and the view of a field full of flowers.




I am Korean, but I grew up in Denmark. I think that I was born with a passion for creativity. I love to try new things, new concepts, and experiment with new ideas. I am also maintaining our website among many things, so if you have requests, comments, or found an error, then let me know.



Product tester

You may have seen me on some of our pictures on social media. I make sure we have the cutest teddy bears, that they are soft,…and that they are cute ^o^. I’m also testing our chocolates, candies and other goodies, to make sure you get a quality sugar shock!