Actual Flower Gift Korea Gift Set Ideas

There have been a lot of people who have truly spoiled their loved ones in Korea. Some people have sent up to 10 items to a group of people, some people have sent 5 items to one person, and some people have sent gifts multiple times to the same person. Here are some sets that people came up with.

*When you select more than one item, make sure you take advantage of the -Already Paying a Delivery Fee for a Flower- option, so you can pay a reduced cost on the delivery.

  1. This is a great combination of a cake, a flower basket of the day and a Le Sucre Doll, which were all sent to one person in Korea. And there wasn’t even a special occasion…Wow!: 

Flower Gift Korea Cake, Flower Basket and Le Sucre Doll

2. This was a gift box, a flower basket of the day and red wine. This was all sent to one special person in Seoul, South Korea: 

3. This a whole bunch of gifts, which includes a few chocolate bouquets, 5 hydrangea bouquets, Innocent Love Flower Basket, and a Bottle of Moet Chandon. These gifts were all sent to a group of people in Seoul, South Korea:

Flower Shop Seoul Gifts

4. Here is a flower basket of the day, red wine, and a box of chocolates for someone special in Seoul, South Korea:

Flower Shop Korea and delivery

5. This is a standing rose basket, a chocolate bouquet, and two stuffed toys for a special person in South Korea:

Rose Basket and Teddy Bear and Chocolate Delivery to Seoul South Korea

6. This is a standing rose basket, a box of chocolates (wrapped), red wine, and a soft paws stuffed toy for a special occasion in Seoul, South Korea:

Flower delivery Seoul Korea

7. This is a set of succulents and cactus, a box of chocolates, and a stuffed toy for a special delivery in Seoul, South Korea:

Plants and Succulents in Seoul South Korea

8. This is a succulents and cactus arrangement, a snack gift box (wrapped), and a chocolate bouquet for a special delivery in Seoul, South Korea:

9. This is a standing rose basket, red wine, and a chocolate bouquet. This gift set was sent to a Korean pop star group in Seoul, South Korea. The photo was taken Infront of the Kpop Agency:

Seoul South Korea Flower Gift Delivery

10. This is a classic gift set idea, which we came up with. It is our huggable bear, a rose bouquet, and a heart shaped case of Ferroro Rocher chocolates:

So these are just a few gift set ideas. You can be creative with what you want to sent. We have also added personalized gifts. Some people have even mailed us special candies and chocolates from their country and we made gifts with them. There is an extra cost for personalized items, but we always do our best to help meet the special requests.

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