Birthday Presents in Seoul and Other Parts of South Korea

Flower Gift Korea Birthdays in Seoul and South Korea

Birthday Presents in Korea

There are a lot of different types of birthday presents you can give to your friends in Korea or in any country, but it becomes a challenge when you want to send your friend a birthday present if he or she is in Seoul South Korea and you’re not. However, with Flower Gift Korea, you can send your friend who is studying Korean or Teaching English in South Korea a birthday present.

We have received a lot of orders as birthday gifts. Sometimes the sender is the recipient’s husband or wife, and at other times, it is a family member or a really good friend. Whoever the sender is, they always leave a heart felt message for the recipient to read. And we at Flower Gift Korea have the privilege of preparing the gift, delivering it to the birthday boy or girl, and seeing the reaction on their face.

Nowadays, in Korea, people don’t usually buy each other birthday presents. Instead, they go out together for a meal or go out for a few drinks. However, a lot of families and group of friends do their best to get a cake for the person’s birthday. Actually, a lot of couples do their best to get each other a present, but most couples just go for a nice dinner somewhere. Though Flower Gift Korea does not have any cakes in our shop available at the moment, we do take special requests and have gotten cakes for people as an add on to their flower order.

What to Send Your Friend in Korea for their Birthday

You can pretty much send anything to your friend and you can use a variety of online stores, but with Flower Gift Korea, we allow you to send a personalized message and can make sure that the birthday girl or boy actually receives the gift. People have sent a combination of flowers, teddy bears, snack boxes, snack gift baskets, and chocolates as birthday gifts. A lot of the recipients even posted on their social media accounts like Instagram and tagged us in their photos to show how happy they were to receive a special gift from their friend.

If there is something that isn’t in our flower shop at the moment; we can still help you send a birthday gift to your special friend in Korea. It can get lonely at times being in a foreign country away from friends and family, so sending a birthday gift to your loved one in Korea can  really help them get through a difficult week.

Contact us if you have any questions and we will get in touch with you!

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