Buying Plant Gifts for People in Seoul South Korea

Now that it is pretty much spring and the weather is getting nicer in Korea, it is a great idea to get some plant gifts for someone special in Seoul South Korea. The great thing about plants is that they last very long as long as a little care is shown to them. Depending on the plant, it may only need water once a month. However, some plants require water once a week or even once every few days. Also, nowadays, the air quality in Seoul and other parts of Korea is worsening, so getting some air purifying plants for someone in Korea is always a great gift idea.

For example, here is one of our best selling air purifying plant sets that we have available on our online Flower Gift Korea shop:

Air purifying plants to help clean the air

The plants shown above will need water about once every two weeks or so. The time frame can change if the room is extra dry or if the Kalanchoe plant (colored plant on the far right) is fully bloomed. Fully bloomed flowers and colorful plants usually require water more often.

As mentioned above, sending someone in Korea a plant set is a great idea because they actually cost less than most flower products. Obviously, if you choose a really big plant, then the cost can be more, but you can get a nice set of plants hand-delivered to someone in Korea for as little as $40.

Here is another set of plants that people have been sending to friends and family in Korea. We also received a lot of great feedback about how much the recipient in Korea enjoyed getting the plant set as a gift.

Plant gifts in Seoul South Korea

The above plants require less water, especially the stuckyi plant (the pointy long plants). Another simple trick to remember is that if the plant is just green and does not have any colored flowers, it will not need water as often. Another thing to keep in mind is that the coral berry plant (plant with the orange looking berry) is a plant that does not really like the sun, so it is a good idea to keep it in the shade.

You can also send bigger plants to friends and family as a business opening gift in Korea. Typically, people like to send congratulation wreathes, but it is much better to send a large plant or tree. The main reason for this is because a plant or tree will be kept for a very very long time, sometimes even for years. However, the typical tall Korean flower arrangement will most likely be thrown away after a week or so because they take up so much space and they cannot last long because they are made up of cut flowers and artificial flowers.

Here are some large type plants we have available:

Great plant gifts for business openings or house warming presents in Seoul South Korea

The large plants we sell all come with a platform and a ribbon with your own personal message (all included in the cost). Here is a large cactus which can be purchased as a business opening gift in Seoul South Korea:

Large cactus gift for a house warming gift in Seoul South Korea

There are also some elegant designs that are available to be purchased as gifts. They help make any room more stylish. Here are some nice elegant designs available in Seoul South Korea:

Glass Plant Gifts Perfect for an Office Worker or Student in Seoul South Korea

We also have a lot of succulents and cacti available, which are super popular because these types only require water about once a month. And the really large ones only require water once every two months!

Succulent gift set available for delivery in Korea

Here is another design we have available:

Cactus and Succulent gift set in Korea

So these are some of the plants we have available at Flower Gift Korea. And plants are always a great gift to give to someone because they help clean the air and make the room look nicer. If you are looking to send some plants to someone special in Seoul South Korea, or parts of Incheon and Gyeongido, check out our plants and trees section.

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