Christmas in Korea 2023: Sung Tan Jul Traditions, Gifts, and Activities Explained

Hello again, lovely readers! We’re coming closer to the end of the year which means Christmas!
Picture a landscape where snowy but busy streets are decorated with colored lights, Santa’s, Christmas trees.
Downtown Seoul, you will find street food almost anywhere you go, and the smell of sweet hodeok, savory spicy fish cake and deokboki will fill your nose while wandering the center. The bakeries are busy making Christmas cakes and cookies, and when passing the store fronts, a warm mouth-watering smell of cinnamon, butter and fresh-baked bread will meet you and probably convince you to make a pitstop here.

Christmas is Korea is wonderful yet very different from the Christmas we know from Denmark, UK or other places in the world. It’s a unique blend of old and new, east and west, and it’s also here, a wonderful holiday season that we spend with family and friends.

The Soul of the Season: Korean Christmas Churches

When it comes to Korean Christmas traditions, the spiritual center lies within Korean Christmas churches. The celebration is deeply rooted in religious customs, complete with uplifting carol services and touching nativity plays. Churches become community hubs, inviting everyone to join in the Christmas festivities.

From the Heart: Korean Christmas Gifts

Korean Christmas gifts are a thoughtful endeavor, whether for family, couples, or friends. Gone are the days of lavish and extravagant presents; in Korea, it’s all about the essence of giving. From Korean Christmas gift baskets to practical household items, each gift is a meaningful token of love and care.

Decorative Splendors: Korean Christmas Decorations

Stroll through the streets during Christmas or Sung Tan (성탄) as it’s called in Korean, and you’ll be greeted by an array of twinkling Korean Christmas decorations. While homes may not be as elaborately adorned as in the West, public spaces and Korean Christmas markets shimmer with festive cheer.

A Festival of Love: Korean Christmas Couples and Family

Korean Christmas activities often focus on couples and family. For couples, Christmas has a uniquely romantic nuance. Restaurants offer special Korean Christmas Eve dinners, and couples exchange carefully curated gifts. Family gatherings, although less emphasized than the Korean New Year, are still cherished occasions featuring Korean Christmas food and gift-giving.

A Culinary Celebration: Korean Christmas Food

Speaking of Korean Christmas food, who could resist the seasonal offerings? The must-have Christmas cake graces bakery shelves, while traditional dishes like bulgogi make their way onto the festive table. For those who prefer to shop from home, Korean Christmas online shopping platforms offer a variety of treats and ingredients for a delectable holiday meal.

The Final Touch: Korean Christmas Flowers and Gift Baskets

Add a flourish to your Korean Christmas celebrations with stunning Korean Christmas flower arrangements. These floral gems are a popular choice for gifts, available here for Korean Christmas delivery right to your doorstep. Korean Christmas gift baskets are also available, filled with an assortment of goodies to please any palate.

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Wrapping it up

Christmas in Korea is a heartwarming melange of tradition and modernity, encapsulated by unique activities, food, and gift-giving customs. From the spiritual sanctity of Korean Christmas churches to the bustling energy of Korean Christmas markets, there’s something for everyone in this joyous season.

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