Christmas in Korea

Christmas collage

Christmas is finally here and we love it but time is going so fast and it’s already been months since we posted in our blog and there has been several reasons for that.

We have for example spent some time updating the web design, to make it easier for our customers to send a beautiful flower to someone in Korea. We have also optimized the server so our webshop should be faster. Our product catalog got a quick update too and we have added new products as well…and we will continuously add new products to make sure you always have something new to choose from.

In the meantime we’ve also been discovered by “flowerdelivery-reviews”. It’s a blog that recommends flower delivery shops around the world and Flower Gift Korea is now on the list. Click the badge or the link below to see what they write.

Bestfloristreview is a great place to start when you are looking for your next flower bouquet. They review online flower stores around the world and provides a fine overview of the best options available.

Now, as we started, Christmas is just around the corner and we know many people are going through the holidays without the people they really wanted to spent these special days with. Maybe your friend is studying or working in Korea and just dropping by to say Merry Christmas is just not an option. Sending a flower or a chocolate basket is a great way to send a thought to someone far away and we always provide a free card with your own personal message.
There’s nothing that warms more than receiving a personal card and a beautiful bouquet from a girlfriend, mother or friend on the other side of the world.

We deliver to many different people and places and the other day, we supported a Christmas event hosted by a Korean adoption organization called GOAL ( It was great to be there and we heard some touching stories about separation, reunion, and identity from adoptees who had returned to Korea.

Companies also send Christmas gifts and we already started to deliver them around Seoul to small startups as well as some of the largest conglomerates in Korea. We already launched our unique special products in our webshop. They range from delicious baskets to beautiful bouquets all with a wonderful Christmas vibe.

Reach us on one of our messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao), call us on our mobile or send us a mail.

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