Delivery Policy

Box Delivery

Gifts that don’t include flowers or cakes will usually be delivered with express delivery. If the order is received before 9:00am on a weekday the delivery will typically take place the following day. Box deliveries can’t be done on Sundays and Monday deliveries have to be placed latest Friday before 9:00am.

  • Note that Jeju deliveries normally take an additional day.
  • If there are a high volume of orders or it is a busy season, the delivery may be delayed
  • We cannot guarantee delivery on a specific day and time

Hand Delivery

All our flower products and cakes are always delivered by hand. They will never be put in a box and thrown around the trunk of a van.
Because we put a lot of effort into ensuring the best quality of flowers and designs, we insist on delivering our flowers this way.
Unfortunately it also means that we cannot delivery anywhere in Korea. As of now, we deliver in Seoul, parts of Gyeongido, parts of Incheon and parts of Gangwondo.

Same Day Delivery

We can send an order on the same day, but we need to receive the order before 11:00am. Also, please discuss the details of fast deliveries with us via our Facebook page, email or phone

Delivery Fees

Hand delivery starts from $13 and depends on the destination

Box Delivery is 5$ per box which fits for example 1 snack box and a small teddy bear.

If you need delivery to somewhere in Korea not mentioned, please message us and ask us.