How do I place an order?

We have made a short video that demonstrates how to place an order on our webpage. See it here https://youtu.be/8JVaxey09vk

Why Should I Choose Flower Gift Korea Over Other Gift Shops?

We, Flower Gift Korea,

  • make our own products
  • provide great customer service almost 24/7
  • delivers on Sundays
  • deliver on certain holidays
  • specializes in serving English Speaking Customers All Over the World

What is the fastest you can send my flower order?

Depending on the flowers we have at the moment and the volume of orders, we can prepare and deliver your flower your order within 3-4 hours. However, for a guaranteed order fulfillment continue reading.

To be ensured a flower delivery, we need to receive and confirm your order before we make/finish our run to re-stock our flower supply. We make our runs to the flower market in Korea some time before 11:00am Korea Standard Time. If we receive and confirm your order before we go and return from the flower market, we can send your flower out (for any products that are in season) within 4 hours of receiving your order, depending on how many orders we have and how far the delivery location is from us. We are located in Seoul near Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Subway Station on the red line (2 subway station south of Gangnam Subway Station), so the further away from us, the longer it will take to deliver the flowers.

*Note: The Flower Market in Korea is closed on Sundays and on certain (random) days of the month. On days the flower markets are open, most of the merchants leave at around noon.

Also, we can only send flowers on the same day Monday – Saturday. It may be possible to still process an order received later in the day or even on a Sunday, but please call us or message us on our Facebook Page or on one of our messengers and we will let you know if it is possible. Also, there is no extra charge for a quick same day delivery, since we can’t guarantee it all the time.

Also, you should be careful with places that claim that they can send flowers to anywhere in Korea within 4 hours. It it is near impossible to consistently send out a good quality flower product within 4 hours of receiving the order to anywhere in Korea. The only way to possibly send flowers all over Korea within a day of receiving the order is if the seller was actually in fact a broker (middleman) who just contacted flower shops in the area that you are trying to send the flowers to. And the problem with this is that it is impossible to guarantee that the flower shop actually has the flowers you order, so the receiver can easily be sent the wrong flowers, low quality flowers, and even, no flowers at all.

Some flower shops charge more for certain days like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. What about Flower Gift Korea?

Our flowers remain the same price throughout the year. We sometimes increase costs of certain products, but if you purchase something 2 months before the delivery date, there will be no extra fees added, unless you have chosen the wrong delivery location. So you can order flowers for Valentine’s Day 5 months before, and you will pay whatever cost is listed on the website at the time of your purchase. We however may not be able to fulfill your order if you order on the same day as the delivery day on our really busy days, since it takes time to prepare and deliver flower orders in South Korea.

Can you deliver on Sundays and Holidays?

Yes, we deliver on Sunday. However, orders made after 11:00 am may not be easy to fulfill. Please contact us if you want a delivery made in short notice. It isn’t possible to deliver flowers or parcels on certain holidays. If we don’t mention that we will be closed during a period of time on our homepage, then deliveries will be made as usual. Contact us via Facebook, phone, email, or messenger if you have questions. Delivery on Sundays and Holidays do not cost any extra money, but we can’t promise that we will be able to fulfill the request all the time. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Can I make a large order for 5 items or more?

Yes, please contact us for large orders (that include at least 1 flower product), so we can arrange the proper delivery service for you. Also, we can help you save money on delivery costs for extra large orders. A rule of thumb is, if you are sending more gifts than one adult can carry, you should contact us. We may be able to provide a lower total cost for you.

How do I know when the delivery has been made?

After our delivery person finishes the delivery, she/he will confirm with us that the delivery has been made. The confirmation does not happen in real time because our delivery person may may be driving or unable to for various reasons, but it will happen shortly after the delivery has been. Then you will receive a “Your order is complete” email, which will include all of the information you filled out.

Where do you guys deliver to?

Flower Gift Korea delivers Snack Boxes, Chocolates, and Stuffed Toys (basically anything which is not a flower or a cake) all around Korea, including Jeju Island,

Flowers and cakes can be delivered all around Seoul, and most places in Gyeonggi-do and Incheon. If you are in doubt in which region the person you want to send something to is, then just message us and ask us. Also, check out our delivery policy page for more information.

FYI: These are very common areas; Gangnam, Itaewon, Hongdae which are all in Seoul, and Bundang, Suwon, and Yongin are in Gyeonggi-do.

How are the gifts delivered?

All of our flower products and gift baskets are hand-delivered to ensure that the gifts are presentable when the person receives the gift. Our gift boxes and chocolate gifts are sent via an express delivery service and will arrive in a carefully packaged box. However, if you order any flower product and add a gift box or a box of chocolates to the order, your whole order will be hand-delivered.

Can I send some presents from my country to your shop and have you guys deliver them for me?

Yes, we can, but we can only do this if you purchase $100 US or more from our website. So take for example you want to send some specific chocolates and a doll that is only found in your home country. And you want to send some flowers to someone in Korea, plus the items you send to us. We can do that for you, only if your overall purchase is $100 US or more.

Also, we do not charge extra for this kind of service. But if the item is very big and requires more work to prepare/deliver, then we might have to charge more.

And please remember that it can take a long time for your items to reach us in Seoul, South Korea. So please make sure you give us enough time for the items to arrive in Korea, prepare the gifts, and deliver them.

Please contact us at flowergiftkr@gmail.com or better yet, on Facebook or on our other social media and we will figure the details out together.

Do you guys take special requests?

Yes, if you have a certain flower design in mind, or better yet, have a picture of something you would like that is not on display on our online shopping mall, or want to substitute flowers in certain products, please let us know. Also, you may you want to make a large order of gift boxes or flowers for a special event, in that case we can work out a deal if you are purchasing in large amounts. However, we can’t fulfill special requests during busy periods like Valentines Day, Parents Day, Christmas, etc.

We have arranged specific flower designs for people and bulk sales. The cost of special requests depends on the cost of flowers at the time. To get an idea of the price, find a basket size you like and the cost will most likely end up costing the same or $10-$40 more, depending on the flower types involved and the amount of flowers used.

Also, we have helped people add products to the flowers they were purchasing. For example, customers have requested for us to add “Godiva chocolates”, “Cakes” and specific “wines/champagnes” to their orders. We can even add these types of gifts to your overall purchase, but there will be a either $20 or 35% service fee (which ever one is higher) per special item, since we have to search for and obtain these items separately, and most importantly, pay taxes on the items. So if an item costs us $10 to buy, the service fee will be $20. If an item costs us $80, the service fee will be $28, and so on.

Please contact us at info@flowergiftkorea.com or better yet, on Facebook or on our other social media and we will figure it out.