Flower Gift Delivery to MYM Entertainment for Lee Minho

Lee Minho is a famous actor and singer in South Korea. One of his most notable roles is playing Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean Drama series, “Boys Over Flowers”. Lee Minho is under the agency, “MYM Entertainment”. When we first received a Facebook message from a fan club owner who wanted to send something to Lee Minho from outside of Korea, we weren’t sure if the agency would accept the gifts. I mean, Lee Minho is really famous, so we were worried that they may not accept the gifts. But we called and they allowed for us to deliver the flowers and presents to their agency for Lee Minho.

Here is what the agency looks like:

Front Door
Outside of Agency

So we have had the privilege of preparing many flower designs and gifts for Lee Minho sent by some of his best fans from all over the world. We also did our best to take some pictures of the gifts sent to Lee Minho to MYM Entertainment in Seoul South Korea.

Here are some gifts that were sent to Lee Minho:

Some of the gifts were sent as congratulation messages on events. Also, some fans wished Lee Minho good luck as he was about to start his military service. Lee Minho began his military service on May 12, 2017. And some people wrote him letters and sent him flowers for that special occasion.

Have you sent flowers to Lee Minho before? If it is your dream to send gifts to Lee Minho or any other celebrity, Flower Gift Korea can help you make your dream come true!

15 thoughts on “Flower Gift Delivery to MYM Entertainment for Lee Minho

  1. Hi,
    How are you? I’m not a fan of Lee Min Ho, but I’m in love with him since the day I first saw him. I wanted to contact him,get to know him. But obviously he’s a star and everybody loves him,so what’s so special about me. I just love him and want to be with him,by his side forever. I texted him so many times on Instagram by the name 22maryam10. Please I want you guys to give him a message, I’m always with him, whenever he needs me, always. Forever❤️ (I love you with all my heart Lee, always).
    No matter how old you are, how messy you are, how irritated you are, how angry you are, I will always love you as a person, forever.
    Yours and only yours forever,Maryam.❤️??

  2. ?? The Sun always ☀️ Shines after the storm ??

  3. Many more happy returns of the day Lee min ho

  4. I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun. You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!

  5. No no no what pls we watch ur movies n we have fan with but we can’t worship u guys we ar all humans ok I just like the guy movies that all u a make everything searious why am Emilin from Ghana

  6. U people u don’t even no the person n u said love him oooooo no pls pls leave the guy alone

  7. How much should I pay to transfer the gift to him?

  8. Doe’s anyone get to talk to lee min Ho personaly

  9. I don’t want to send a bouquet of flowers or a greeting card but I want to say something important so that it can attract the attention of actor Lee Min Ho. Can I send a letter? I am ready to pay for it.

    1. Hi Savi

      It is possible to send letters to Lee Min Ho.
      The easiest way is to send it directly to his agency MYM Entertainment.
      Regardless of where you live in the world, it should be relatively easy to send a letter.

      If you change your mind and would like to accompany your letter with flowers, champagne or something else from our store, then we would love to help you.

      Don’t hesitate if you have further questions.

      Team FGK

      1. How do we send gifts flowers to him from usa

        1. Hi Theresa

          MYM Entertainment is very welcoming and happy to receive gifts for Lee Minho.
          So in order to send him gifts, you can send them to MYM and they will pass them on to him.
          We are also happy to help you if you need any help and we can of course send any of our own products as a gift to him as well.

          Don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.

          Team FGK

          1. thank you so sorry didn’t realize you sent me a reply

  10. Hi .. I’m from Pakistan and I want to send flowers to oppa for birthday how should I pay?

    1. Hello
      Our website allows you to check out and pay with credit card online.
      If you have a Korean bank account it is also possible to transfer the payment.

      Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.
      Team FGK

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