Flower Gift Korea Hot Summer Sale 2016

Flower Gift Korea Hot Summer Sale for flower delivery

Flower Gift Korea’s Hot Summer Sale has started and will most likely end either near the end of July or at the start of August. This is a great chance for you to take advantage of lower prices on flowers in Korea.

I’ll be totally honest with why we have a hot summer sale, well, it’s because the price of flowers in Korea are usually cheaper during the summers. This isn’t to say that all flowers are cheaper, actually there are still some flowers that stay the same price, but we want to provide special offers whenever it is possible.

We also aren’t totally sure when our summer flower sale in Korea will finish, but we’ll at least give you and the rest of the people looking to send flowers to people in Korea 5 days notice before the flower sale ends.

The only things that aren’t on sale are our gift boxes. You can still purchase gift boxes for your family and friends in Korea, but for the most part, they won’t be a part of our hot summer sale.

If you ever have any questions about sending flowers to Korea or want to request a certain flower arrangement that isn’t on our Flower Gift Korea product list, please contact us and we will help you.

Here is a photo of us at the Seoul Flower Market buying flowers off of this Korean flower merchant. We always make sure to use the freshest flowers found in Korea for our flower gift products.

Flower Gift Korea at the Seoul Flower Market located in Gangnam Seoul Korea

Oh, and I forgot the best news, our hot summer sale entitles you to 25% off any flower gift you send to someone in Korea. We send flowers all around Seoul, Incheon, and pretty much all of Gyeongi-do.

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