Flower Gift Korea Presents Hydrangeas in Korea

Hydrangeas in Korea

Hydrangeas are a beautiful flower and a favorite of many. My wife loves hydrangeas and so does my flower instructor. So, it’s no secret that women in Korea love the sight of pink and blue hydrangeas. Obviously roses are still the most popular flower in Korea, but hydrangeas are not to be forgotten.

Not too long ago, the Garden of Morning Calm in South Korea was holding a hydrangea exhibit. There were beautiful hydrangeas of different kinds for you to see. However, the flower market doesn’t sell all of the hydrangeas you can find at the garden. Blue and Pink hydrangeas are the most in demand in Korea, so they are usually available at most flower markets in South Korea. You can often see white and green hydrangeas as well, but they aren’t as popular as the blue and pink ones. Purple and other exotic colors are harder to find, thus they cost a lot more money to purchase.

Here is what they look like at the Seoul Flower Market in Yangjae dong:

Flower Gift korea Hydrangeas at the Korea Flower Market

Fun Fact: About 95% of all of the flowers purchases (at Flower Gift Korea) with hydrangeas in the flower design were purchased by women as gifts for other women. So if you are a man and you are reading this, take this info consideration when deciding what kind of flowers you may want to send to your girlfriend or wife in Korea. However, you can never go wrong with roses.

Here is a picture of one of Flower Gift Korea’s popular hydrangea flower basket along side a wrapped chocolate box:

Flower Gift Korea Wedding Present to Anyang Korea
The word hydrangea actually comes from two words in greek; the first half of the word means water and the second half of the word means jar. So, if you put the words together, you get “water jar”. However, the hydrangea flower doesn’t actually hold a lot of water, instead, it intakes a lot of water.

So make sure to give your hydrangea a lot of water. If you forget to give your hydrangea water and your hydrangea looks like it has died, don’t just automatically assume that it’s dead and throw your hydrangea away. Quickly cut about 1-2cm off the stem on a diagonal, so that the flower can absorb water more thoroughly, stick it in a jar/container with water (preferably with some flower food), and place the hydrangea flower in a cool room.

We at Flower Gift Korea did an experiment to see how possible it was to save a hydrangea flower. So we had some hydrangeas left over, which we bought at the Flower Market located in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. And we let the poor flower get a little dry.

This is what the flower looked like today in the morning at 8:32 (오늘 오전 8:32):

Flower Gift Korea Hydrangea in Korea

And another shot of the same flower at the same time:

Flower Gift Korea Flower Delivery Hydrangea

Then we placed it in some water and the results were amazing! Here is what the flower looked like today in the morning at 10:51 (오늘 오전 10:51):

Flower Gift Korea Flower Delivery Korea Hydrangea

And another shot of the same flower at the same time:

Flower Gift Korea Hydrangea delivery in Seoul

You can see that within 2 hours, the pink hydrangea flower was pretty much back to normal. So don’t ever give up on a flower. You never know, you may just revive it. Then we sprayed the actual petals of the hydrangea flower, which can help make it more lively. Here is what the flower looked like today in the morning at 11:43 (오늘 오전 11:43), just an hour after spraying the petals:

Flower Gift Korea Hydrangea Flowers Korea

The hydrangea flower looks gorgeous! You can see the transformation happen within 3 hours! Of course if the flower is totally dead, it will be impossible to revive the flower, but it never hurts to try.

Here is a final picture of the before and after result:

Flower Gift Korea flower delivery service hydrangeas

Never ever give up on a flower. You never know if it still has life in it. And these pictures show that within 3 hours, you can bring back a hydrangea back to life. Remember, hydrangeas need a lot of water, so make sure it gets a lot of it.

If you don’t believe anything you’ve read in the post, you should try it for yourself. You’ll be amazed by the results!

And here is one last picture of one of our hydrangea designs:

Flower Gift Korea Hospital Present

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