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Roses are probably the most common flower type to give to someone you love. Roses can be given to both women and men, and there are many different colors of roses available. Most of the roses you see in Korea are actually grown in Korea. Yes, there are lots and lots of roses in Korea. Actually, most of the flowers you see in Korea are grown at one of the many farms in South Korea. That is why we are able to find fresh roses and other types of flowers to use in Flower Gift Korea bouquets and baskets.

So what kind of rose designs are available in Korea? Well, there are tons and tons of designs Flower Gift Korea has yet to create, but we have a bunch of our own rose designs and can emulate most of the designs found on the Internet. So if there is a flower design not found on the Flower Gift Korea online shop, just send us an email and make your request.

The most typical Korean rose gift you can give someone is a bouquet of red roses. Red roses symbolize love, so they are often give to people in Korea during Valentine’s Day and to show how much you love someone in Korea. Some people really go all out and purchase 100 roses for one of the many special days in Korea. The 100 red rose basket below was made for a 100th day anniversary, which is a special day in Korea when a couple celebrates 100 days of being in a romantic relationship.

100 Red Roses Being Made in Korea

Look below for the finished product!

100 rose basket Seoul South Korea

You don’t have to alway send 100 roses to someone in Korea. Instead, you can send a rose bouquet. We have many rose bouquets available on our online shop.

A classic rose bouquet is roses with baby’s breath. Here is Flower Gift Korea’s version:

Roses and Babys Breath Seoul Korea

And here is one of the designs we came up with, “Rose Garden”:

Rose garden is a bouquet of roses that is surrounded by various beautiful colors. However, the most expensive rose type we have available is our David Austin Garden Roses:

David Austin Garden Rose Korea

These roses are imported from the US. They are special David Austin Garden roses, which are a mix of roses and peonies. These types of roses are very rare in Korea and must be ordered in advance. They are one of the most expensive roses you can find.

We also have roses that come designed in boxes, which can make for very memorable and special gifts. Here is our “long stem roses in a beautiful box “design:

Roses in Box Seoul Korea

And another rose box design, but this time with chocolates:

And as you have seen, we have roses available in red and in other colors. Here are some different colors.

Blue Roses and other flowers

The above image is of blue roses and other types of flowers. The pink flowers in the design are not roses, though they look like them. The pink flowers are actually Lisianthus, which can be mistaken for roses. And the white onion looking flower is a ranunculus.

Also, yellow roses are very popular. They are probably the third most popular color for roses. The most popular color is red, and the second most popular color is pink.

Pink Rose Basket to Seoul South Korea

The above is a basket of some pink roses we use in our Flower Gift Korea designs. There are other types of pink roses, but we usually use this kind, which goes by the name, ‘Revival” (in Korea.) This pink rose type in Korea is usually the largest, healthiest, and prettiest. When these pink roses aren’t available (or when better quality pink roses are available), we use another type of pink rose. You can see the color in the flower bouquet on the right.

We also have blue roses available in Korea, but they are not as common. And blue roses tend to be smaller than other colors, but it does’t necessarily mean they cost less. So if color is important to you, then getting blue roses is an option, but if you want bigger roses, blue is one color to avoid.

Blue Roses in Korea

And you can also ask to customize the design a bit. Someone wanted to have white roses in the middle, pink roses surrounding the white roses, and then red roses surrounding the whole assembly. You can see the bouquet below:

Rose Design South Korea

So we have a lot of rose designs available. But we also have other flower designs that include different types of roses as well. One of Flower Gift Korea’s popular flower designs is, “Romantic Walk”. It is a mix of red roses, pink lisianthus, and a bunch of other flowers:

If you look closely, the pink flowers you see are not roses, they are lisianthus. When I first saw flowers, I couldn’t tell the difference between a rose and a lisianthus, but now I can easily tell the difference. What about you?

Here is another one of our flowers designs that includes roses, “Pink Light (Super)”:

Pink and White Roses

The flower design above has white roses and pink roses, as well as many different types of flowers.

We also have pastel roses of various colors that we use in various flower designs. The below photo is of our Extra Large Pastel Bouquet, which has a variety of flowers of pastel tones:

You can see some beige and white roses beside the purple lisianthus. Yes, those purple flowers are not roses, but they are very nice as well.

So these are some of the rose designs available in Korea. There are others available as well, but some are not easy to find, while some are only available at random times of the year. Roses are always a safe choice to choose when buying flowers for someone special in Korea. And at Flower Gift Korea, we charge the same price for any color rose, so you can always ask for a different color when choosing any rose design.

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  1. If I wanted to send blue roses to Lee Min ho how would I go about it and would he actually receive them..my other question is are blue roses easy to squire in Seoul. And abt how much would it cost me to send them from sedalia Missouri usa

    1. Dear Elizabeth

      It is possible to send gifts to Lee Min Ho and he does actually receive the gifts that he receives from fans from all over the world.
      Lee Min Ho often posts his gifts on his social media, where you can also see the gifts that we have delivered for our customers.

      Blue roses are available, but often only in small amounts and could be quickly sold out.
      If you would like to send blue roses, you can order it via this link https://flowergiftkorea.com/product/rose-bouquet-12-or-20-1/
      and just write a note to the florist upon check out, that you would like blue roses. The prices depend on the amount of roses, and you can see the prices via the above link.

      Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

      Team FGK

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