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Flower Gift Korea Flower of the Day

Have you ever purchased fresh fruit or vegetables from the local grocery store? If you have, you probably have noticed that the price of produce can be different day to day. Also, you may have noticed that watermelons aren’t easy to find in the winter and corn is cheaper in the fall. The reason for this price variation is due to the fact that these crops/plants only grow during certain seasons, and depending on the season, the farmers can yield a lot of harvest or not so much. The same goes for flowers. Flowers in Seoul South Korea and anywhere else in the world are available depending on the season. Also, depending on how big the yield of flowers is and how much in demand the flower types are, the price will go up and down. This is why Flower Gift Korea offers a “Flower of the Day”, which we have titled, “FGK Choice of The Day”.

As mentioned in another post about the Flower Market in Korea, we and other flower shops in Seoul and South Korea purchase our fresh flowers from one of the various flower markets in Korea. These flower merchants in Korea usually get their flowers from farmers or bid for flowers at the auctions. There are some farmers at the flower markets, but most of them are just merchants. And they can charge whatever they want for their flowers, so we flower shop owners and florists in South Korea can never be certain what the final price of the flowers will be. I have read some blogs and they stated that they bought a bunch of roses for less than $4 US at one of the flower markets. And that is awesome, but how long will those roses last? And how small were they? And what was the quality of the flowers? These are all questions you should ask yourself when purchasing flowers anywhere.

If you go on a Saturday when the market is about to close (1pm-3pm), you can probably find really cheap flowers since the merchants are trying to get rid of their last supplies before they fill up again on Monday. It’s obviously better for them to sell off the last bit of their flowers for dirt cheap than for them to throw the flowers away.

So, the prices at the flower market will differ merchant to merchant, so it can be quite stressful trying to find the best quality flowers at a reasonable price. That’s where we come in. We have lots of experience buying flowers at the flower markets in Seoul South Korea and know where to get certain flowers.

Flower Gift Korea flowers in Seoul South KoreaThat brings us to, “The Flower of The Day.” Depending on the day and season, we get the best flowers for your money. Since we are a family business, we always make each product with our very best efforts. If we can’t give it to our own mother, father, or family member, we don’t deliver the flower gift. That is the secret to us getting all of our positive, 5 star reviews on Facebook and google, which were left by our wonderful customers. We take great pride in delivering happiness and love to people all around Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeongido. That is why we provide a money back guarantee and make ourselves available to anyone who has purchased something from us or is looking to purchase flowers, a gift box, wine, or cake for someone in South Korea via social media, email, and phone.

Why Flower Gift Korea’s Flower of the Day is the Best Deal For You

When you purchase one of our “Flower of the Day” flowers, you can request up to 3 colors when you checkout. If you don’t know what colors to choose, that’s fine, because our florists will  choose some beautiful colors for you. You can choose a FGK Choice of the Day Medium or a FGK Choice of the Day Large. Both flower products will be made with special care and will be hand delivered by Flower Gift Korea’s delivery team.

Here is an example of Flower Gift Korea’s Flower of the Day:

Flower of the Day 1

You can see other examples in the feature image of this blog, as well as on our Flower Gift Korea online flower shop.

Our flower of the day is the best deal for your money. Even though you won’t know exactly how the flower will look till it’s done; the freedom and trust you give the florist will be appreciated and the Flower Gift Korea florist will truly be able to create the best flower gift product for you. The more freedom an artist/designer has, the greater the outcome of the design. Read our reviews and hear what others have to say about Flower Gift Korea and our gifts!

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