Gift delivery in Korea during Corona

Are you guys still delivering during the pandemic?

Many people are asking us if we are still open during this pandemic. Short answer, yes!

We continue to deliver to private people, businesses and celebrity agencies.

Korea has allowed many businesses to stay open during the pandemic and despite fluctuations in the number of Corona patients, the situation has remained stable and under control since the first wave. You can follow the situation here.

Is delivering flowers or other gifts safe?

There are many precautions we have to take though. Mask, hand sanitizer, and a proper distance to other people has become standard and people don’t even think about it anymore. But we also have to restrict the people we allow in the shop, who comes, how many and so on. Some hotels are designated for the mandatory two weeks of quarantine and we can of course not deliver to quarantine facilities. So in general it is safe! We and everybody else in Korea, take the situation very seriously and do what we can to protect each other and ourselves.

Should I send a gift to someone in Korea?

Of course! Traveling remains difficult and most of us have been forced to stay separated for more than a year. Meanwhile, we try to stay connected as often as possible. It’s more important than ever, to find ways to connect. Connect to chat, to see each other, and from time to time, send a flower or another token of love.

Fortunately, there are many options in Korea, and we’re happy to be one of them. The market for what we Flower Gift Korea specializes in, is growing and we see new online shops pop up…with very similar names. So be aware, there is only one genuine Flower Gift Korea and that is us πŸ˜€

We’re focused on serving customers living abroad and our services go far beyond just sending flowers. All our staff including ourselves, are global citizens like our customers, with family and friends all over the world. We miss our loved ones too, so we know what it’s like being 5,000 or 10,000km apart, which is also why we always go that extra mile to connect you with your mom, girlfriend or studdy buddy.

We constantly try to expand our selection of flower designs and other gifts, to make sure that you can send something new, beautiful, and exciting again and again… Recently we added a new series of handmade jewelry to our webshop. They are all designed locally, handmade in silver and gold, and sold at affordable prices. You can take a look here to see the full collection.

Sun and Moon – Mismatched earrings

Can you help me purchase something from another shop?

We do help our customers to purchase items from other shops, as online shopping in Korea often requires a Korean credit card and sometimes even a Korean ID.

Please contact us on one of our social media, by email or phone if you would like more information about our purchasing service. Click here to see our contact information.

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