Hwang Chi Yeul Flower Gift Korea Delivery

One day, Brandy and I received a package from Singapore. And it caught us by surprise because we didn’t really know anyone from Singapore. So we were really curious to see what was in the package. Here is a picture of the package:

Wow! A gift for us! That was so kind!

So, I got a knife and carefully opened up the package. Before opening it, I could feel that it was a little hard, so it could have been a book, maybe a picture frame, maybe one million dollars, who knows…

So I opened it up and to my delight, it was a gift from one of our customers! Wow! Brandy and I were really touched by the unexpected gift. Here is what was in the package:

Hwang Chi Yeul’s Recent Album, “Be Ordinary”

It was an album of a very famous singer, Hwang Chi Yeul. Nice! Brandy and I listen to a list of songs off a youtube playlist while we prepare flowers and gifts for people all over Korea, and Hwang Chi Yeul’s songs are sometimes included in the list, but not all of his. It was nice to hear all of his songs from his new album. I didn’t realize how great his music was. So now we listen to this album often in our shop when we prepare the flower designs.

Hwang Chi Yeul is a singer with HOW Entertainment. We had the honour of preparing a few gifts for Hwang Chi Yeul and delivering them to his agency.

Here are a few pics of some of the gifts sent to Hwang Chi Yeul:

And here are some photos we took at HOW Entertainment. We always do our best to get a photo in front of the agency of the celebrity we deliver flowers and gifts to. Sometimes the security is very strict and does not allow you to get close to the door, but I (Tony) have a lot of experience delivering to many different agencies, so I’m usually successful in getting some photos ?:

There is also a cake under the flower bouquet!

So that is our flower delivery story with Hwang Chi Yeul. I am sure we will have other fans sending flowers and gifts to Hwang Chi Yeul and other artists at HOW Entertainment. If you have a favourite Korean celebrity you want to deliver flowers to, contact us and we will do our best to help you deliver flowers and gifts to artists and celebrities in Korea.

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