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A birthday is the ideal time to show someone special that you care, whether it be a boyfriend or girlfriend, member of your family, or even a celebrity whom you admire. Our flower shop in Seoul is proud to provide flower arrangements, rice wreaths, hwahwans and other customized gift delivery to KPOP celebrities in Korea upon request, and with our English customer service and options for same day delivery, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re a member of a KPOP fandom or an avid watcher of KDRAMA, our fangift delivery service can help make your favourite idol’s birthday even more special.

Please note: If you would like to send a fangift to a celebrity for their birthday, we would always recommend contacting the agency who manage them to ask if they have any special arrangements in place for the day; this is particularly important if you plan to send especially large gifts, such as Hwahwans.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of our recent celebrity birthday deliveries over the past months:

Gong Hyojin | 4th April 1980

South Korean actress Gong Hyo-jin, who works under SOOP Entertainment, has a seriously impressive filmography under her belt. Her work on TV series Sang Doo! and film Crush and Blush are perhaps best known, while her recent role in romantic comedy thriller When the Camellia Blooms earned her a number of nominations at the KBS Drama Awards: not surprisingly, the queen of South Korean rom-com took home the Best Couple Award with Kang Ha-neul last year.

Hyo-jin, a former model-turned-actress, tuned 40 (or 41 in Korean age) this April 4th, and is looking as striking and youthful as ever. According to Korean culture, this makes her birth month flower (or ‘tan saeng hwa’) the Red Windflower, which means ‘I Love You’: a fitting flower for a romantic comedy actress! We very much enjoy delivering gifts and flowers to her agency SOOP Entertainment, where the staff are always friendly and welcoming, so consider marking Hyo-jin’s birthday in your calendar for next year if you want to show your love.

Lee Minho | 22nd June 1987

One of our most famous celebrity birthday gift recipients is actor Lee Minho of MYM Entertainment; maybe you know him from K-drama series Boys Over Flowers for his portrayal of the strong headed Gu Jun-Pyo, or his role as Emperor Lee Gon in recent fantasy television drama The King: Eternal Monarch. He recently celebrated his 33rd birthday on the 22nd June and saw himself showered in gifts and flowers from fans – you can see the impressive spread on his Instagram post ( Here at Flower Gift Korea, we received orders from more than ten different countries [] for flowers, gifts and cakes to be sent to Minho, proving how loved and admired the actor is across the globe.

If you would like to send a fangift to Minho, you can! You can find our previous post on delivering fangifts to the actor here [], including pictures of our stunning flower arrangements and the impressive agency building which we got to visit.

Kim Goeun | 2nd July 1991

One of Minho’s costars on Eternal Monarch is Kim Go Eun, who also recently celebrated her birthday on 2nd of July and who we’ve been lucky to deliver flowers and gifts to in the past. She rose to fame after her breakout role as Han Eun-gyo in the 2012 film A Muse earned her numerous awards and accolades, and since then she’s been one to watch in both the film and music scenes in South Korea.

The birth flower assigned to the 2nd of July is the elegant Snapdragon, which can either symbolize graciousness or deception – an appropriate meaning for a talented actress, able to portray any character convincingly, who is known to be humble and kind in real life. Check here [] for our Instagram post on a previous delivery we made to Go Eun, and get in touch if you would like to send her something yourself.

Dongheon | 4th August 1995

In addition to receiving orders for actors and actresses here at Flower Gift Korea, we also provide fangifts for musicians and KPOP Idols. Lee Dongheon is the leader, main rapper and main dancer of boy group Verivery, who debuted last year in January under the label Jellyfish Entertainment. Even though the group is fairly new on the KPOP scene, they are lucky to have a dedicated fandom, called VERRERs, cheering them on from around the world.

Dongheon celebrated his birthday recently on the 4th of August, when he turned 25. We were delighted to deliver a beautiful bouquet to him from his international fans; you can see our post here [].

Song Jihyo | 15th August 1981

Song Jihyo is another talented actress who celebrated her 40th birthday this year, and whom we were lucky enough to send flowers and gifts from dedicated fans. She is loved for her films such as A Frozen Flower and the television series Emergency Couple, and has received international recognition for her work on the variety show Running Man since 2010. The global pandemic couldn’t stop her from working on her passion, and she released the film Was it Love?, which was received warmly by viewers, for Netflix in July this year.

The actress received a lot of love from fans on her milestone birthday, and was shown on the news posing with her gifts and thanking her well-wishers. We were delighted to see our own flower arrangement on display – check our post out here. []. The flower assigned to Jihyo’s birthdate (15th August) is the sunflower, so if you’d like to wish her a happy birthday next year, why not send our Summer Sunflower Basket [] for an extra special touch?

G-Dragon | 18th August 1988

Anyone familiar with the world of KPOP will know of G-Dragon, leader of the superstar boy group and ‘Kings of KPOP’ Big Bang. The rapper and producer has lead the boy band to unprecedented levels of global success since their debut in 2006, and to this day the group has a loyal fandom of ‘V.I.P.s’ behind them. He very recently celebrated his 33rd birthday on the 18th of August and received many well-wishes online from groupmates, friends and fans alike, proving the artist and group are still popular even after their two-year hiatus.

Despite being one of the most famous South Korean celebrities in living memory, it is still possible for us to send flowers to the likes of G-Dragon as we have done in the past []. However, it is especially important to check with the agency (YG Entertainment, in this case) to avoid disappointment when sending fangifts to big-name celebrities; we cannot show up unannounced and the artist will most likely have a security screening process in place. You can find more information on the logistics of our celebrity delivery service in our previous blog post here. []

G-Dragon and his father are also the proud owners of a holiday pension not so far from Seoul. If you are in Korea you should defintely visit this luxurious pension which is located in the beautiful surroundings of Pocheon. Read more about it here

If you are interested in gift delivery to KPOP celebrities in Korea and would like to send customized flower bouquets and other fangifts for celebrity birthdays from our flower shop in Seoul, please do get in touch [] and we will be happy to help you with your gift delivery. gift delivery to KPOP celebrities in Korea

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  2. can I customize a gift?

    1. Hi Belén

      It is possible to customize a gift to a certain extend.
      If you contact us via email or one of our social media chats, we can help you customize and send a gift.

      Team FGK

  3. the staff behind this shops are awesome, accommodating and prompt with request emails and other communication. i sent a gift to a rookie idol may this year and i cannot thank you enough. bouquet was pretty and the gift was wrapped nicely received by the company and few weeks ako i saw on twt that he wore my gift. thank you again.

  4. Please, I would just like you to standardize my idol’s cake just like you did for ‘Song Jihyo’ as in the pictures above! The event is for 06/06/22 Please do it!!!

    1. Hello Katia

      The cake for Song Jihyo was a custom made cake.
      Please contact us via email or on one of our messengers if you would like to order a custom cake.

      Team FGK

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