May Special Days 2018

Spring is finally here, even though there have been some relatively cold days in April, we can be sure that it will be fully spring in May. May is a great month to get out, walk around places in South Korea, and spend time with family and friends. This is especially true because there are 3 days where most people will not have to go to work. In total, the month of May has four special days that people in South Korea celebrate. And one of the special days will be given two days.

So the first special day is Children’s day. It’s a day to celebrate our beautiful children. There will be lots of outdoor festivals and children outside and playing. Children’s day is May 5th, which is a Saturday, so they are also making May 7th (Monday) Children’s day as well so that children can actually get a day off school. People usually buy their grandchildren and children toys and gifts, and make sure that the children have a lot of fun.

The next special day is on May 8th, which is Parent’s day. That means it falls on a Tuesday for 2018 and it isn’t a national holiday so people will be at work as usual. It is a very special day in South Korea because it is a chance for people in Korea and all around the world, to show their gratitude and love to their parents. People have special dinners with their parents and give them gifts. The two most common gifts are red carnations and money. However, these days people have been sending other types of flowers that their mother and father like instead of carnations. But anything will be deeply appreciated by your parents in South Korea.

Another special day is Teacher’s day, which is May 15th. And that makes it a Tuesday for 2018. It isn’t a national holiday, so everyone has to go to school and work as originally planned. But it is a great excuse to give your teacher or a teacher a bouquet of flowers or chocolates. It is very common for teachers to receive something from at least a few of their students.

And the last special day is Buddha’s Birthday. It is a national holiday and is on May 22nd. That means that most people will not have to go into work on that Tuesday. It is important to note that Buddha’s Birthday changes year to year because it follows the lunar calendar. But for the year 2018, it is on. Tuesday, so workers everywhere are happy this year.

Most importantly, Flower Gift Korea will open as usual on all of these special days. So if you are planning on sending a child, a teacher, a parent, or Buddhist a gift or a flower, you can place your order on our online shop and we will connect you to her/him in South Korea.

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