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A little update from the team

It’s been a while since we updated our blog, which we are terribly sorry about. We really want to tell you about all the things we experience from day to day, but the truth is that thanks to all of you, we’ve just been incredibly busy.

So busy that even other blogs noticed us, fortunately, they notice that we serve you guys well and we’re grateful for the recognition we receive from blogs like this, but it would not have any meaning without you, our customers! Click the badge below to take a look on their website and see what they write about us

As you know, we are a tiny family-run flower shop and probably the only flower shop in Korea with roots in Denmark. I, the other part of Flower Gift Korea was raised in Denmark, and Genibie and I started our life together in that little Northern country. Denmark is a tiny country, perhaps not so different from Flower Gift Korea, among all the big flower giants in Korea. However, Denmark is known for a couple things nevertheless. One thing is their eye for design! A thing that we have brought to Korea.

We are very inspired by Danish design and try to integrate it into our flower designs. It means more volume, yet simple and clear expressions. Aesthetic is obviously essential but Scandinavians would never accept design without substance, there have to be thoughts behind it and every little detail must have a meaning.

Apart from flowers, then we love design furniture, decorations, tools, and it’s not just because it looks beautiful. Well designed tools feel better in the hand, a well-designed sofa gives more comfort to your tired back and a well-designed flower pot prevents you from overwatering. Danish design is so much more than aesthetics! And that’s exactly what we want to integrate into our we might expand our catalog with more exciting products either inspired by Scandinavian design or maybe straight outta Denmark.

Some of our celebrity deliveries during 2019

We have supported a lot of K-pop fans this year and probably served fans from more than 20 countries. We love it! These deliveries are exciting and sometimes difficult. Not all agencies are happy to receive gifts but others are thrilled. Genibie is often in contact with the agencies, to make sure that we can continue these deliveries without being a burden to them. It’s no secret that some of the agencies actually receive so many gifts that it’s difficult for them to handle.

One of our favorite agencies is Starship. You probably already know, but they work with Dongwook Lee, Monsta X, Jiwon Kim, Son Hyunwoo and many many more. They do prefer to get a heads up when many gifts are being sent, so on birthdays and other big celebrations, it’s important that you guys check with Starship if it’s okay to deliver and what time. In some cases, we may try to coordinate, so that we can deliver all your gifts at the same time.

Another agency we visit very often on behalf of you, is SOOP entertainment. They work with Kim Jaewook, Gong Yoo, Nam Jihyun, Gong Hyojin (did you guys watch the k-drama “When the Camellia blooms”? If not, you should!) and many many more! The staff there is incredibly friendly and always very helpful. We haven’t had a chance to meet any of the stars there yet, but maybe we will be lucky next time. Up to this point they have not expressed any limitations, but just as with Starship, it’s probably a good idea to coordinate with them before the big days.

In addition to visiting the celebrities agencies, we have been around Seoul and seen many of their side businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants and guest houses. The famous Super Junior member Donghae Lee is the owner of a coffee house called Haru & Oneday. It’s located in Seoul’s, Seongdong-gu area which is the Northern neighbor to Gangnam. Around his birthday in October, we were busy visiting Donghae’s coffee shop with wonderful gifts from all of you. Some of you were even here to hand your gifts over in person and we had the pleasure of meeting some of you.

To finalize this update to you, I’ll share some of our recent deliveries to celebrity owned businesses around Seoul.

13 thoughts on “News & update on celebrity deliveries

  1. Hello. I may be looking in the wrong place for this information but I am interested in sendng gifts to PurpleBeck of Majesty Entertainment. Have you had any experience with them yet? If so, would I be able to use you to send gifts? Thanks for any help you can provide. This is all very new to me.

    Kang Seung-Jeun

    1. Hi, apologies for the late answer. We have delivered to Majesty entertainment a couple of times, but not recently. Due to the situation with COVID-19 there could be restrictions, but most agencies do actually still allow fans to send gifts. We always recommend our customers to try to contact the agencies directly first, to ask for instructions. Many agencies don’t respond by email, so it’s always most effective to call them. In any case, we are always ready to deliver for you.

  2. No worries. Since I posted, I have spoken to the CEO at Majesty. He has given me guidelines for sending gifts and the proper address. So I would be looking to do something with you very soon. Thanks.

  3. Good Morning
    I’m Lucimeire a fan ,Actor Lee Min Ho
    Brazilian fan
    How can we send gifts to him through you

    1. Hi,
      If you place an order on our website, you can simply write MYM entertainment in the recipients address field.
      Then we know where to deliver it.
      BR Team FGK

  4. Do they (celeb) get our gifts or they through them?

    1. In most cases, we deliver to the celebrities agency who will then pass it on to the celebrities themselves.

  5. I am interested in placing an order yo be send to MYM Entertainment for actor Lee Min Ho. With the order, is personalised greeting card included?

    An avid fan from UK

    1. We provide a free greeting card with all our products.
      It contains approx 100 words, but a bit less is better for legibility.

      There is another option of designing your own card incl message, that we print for you and arrange with your gift.

  6. Does Glorious Entertainment accept gifts for their clients – Jil Chang Wook

    1. Hello

      Glorious Entertainment usually require an approval prior to delivery.
      You can contact them by email ( and ask for their permission to send a gift.
      Once you’ve received their approval, we can smoothly deliver your gift.

      Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions.

      BR Team FGK

  7. We are interested in sending a gift to Stray Kids from JYP ENTERTAINMENT, is there any restriction for it or can we proceed without problem with the purchase? Thank you very much

    1. Hello Andy

      JYP Entertainment usually require an approval prior to sending them gifts.
      It can be done by email and it would be a great help for us to receive a copy of the confirmation.
      Once you have obtained the approval, there are no problems in sending gifts to Stray Kids.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have further questions.

      Team FGK

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