Parents Day Korea 2017

Parents Day is coming up in Korea, which is on May 8th, 2017. We already have received a bunch of orders from people in various parts of the world for Moms, Dads, and Grandparents currently living in Korea. You might have parents or parent-in-laws or even parent figures in Korea you want to send a gift to during this special day. And you may have no idea how to or what to send to them.

The most common gift sent to parents on Parents day in Korea are red carnations. Red carnations are supposed to represent a deep respect and admiration to the parents in Korea. So most people get their parents a bunch of red carnations.

Here are some of our products that include red carnations that are safe Parents Day gifts:

“Thank You Mom and Dad Flower Box”

Thank You Mom and Dad Box Delivery Seoul Korea

“Mixed Carnation Bouquet”

Mixed Carnation Bouquet Flower Gift Korea Delivery

Usually, people pick up some carnations last minute somewhere near their house. However, you can order a flower basket in advance, so that your parents in Korea get the flowers on time. Parents Day in Korea is the day when the most flowers are sold, so it is going to be extremely tough finding flowers last minute to send your parents, especially if you are not in Korea.

Here are some more of our products that include red carnations that are safe Parents Day gifts:

“Carnation Medley Flower Basket”

Flower Gift Korea Carnation Medley

“Lovely Kind Flower Basket”

Lovely Kind 1

However, you don’t have to send carnations to your parents in Korea. You can also send a nice wine, some plants, a different flower design or just send them some money.

Most of the gifts we receive for parents include a flower basket and wine or a stuffed toy, depending on the age of our customer. However, the majority of our orders are not typically red carnations, but more elegant designs. Nowadays, getting red carnations on Parents Day in Korea is typical, so a lot of people are opting for designs that include other flowers.

Make sure to order in advance because same day orders will most likely be delayed to the next day due to the volume of orders we are expecting. So hurry up and order fast! Your parents in Korea are expecting a gift from you!

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