Pepero Day in South Korea (2016)

Pepero Day in South Korea

What is Pepero Day in South Korea?

Well, first of all, let’s start off with “Pepero”. Pepero is a popular snack eaten by people of all ages in South Korea. You can also find Pepero in your local Korean supermarket or even in some convenience stores, depending on which country you are living in. A pepero is basically a cracker shaped as a stick that has a coating of chocolate on it. Each box comes with about 20-30 sticks and make for a nice sweet snack.

Pepero Day falls on November 11th because if you look at the numbers it is, “11/11”, which look like sticks!

Pepero day is a day when you give various pepero snacks and gifts to your loved one. If you haven’t noticed, Korea has a lot of “days” that give people a chance to give and receive gifts. For example, “white day” is a day when boys give sweets to girls. White Day is on March 14th, which is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. If you think about most of the special days in Korea, they are pretty much days for romantic couples to go on dates and spend some quality time together. However, with pepero day, anyone can give gifts to anyone. Obviously couples take advantage of this time to display their love to the world, but a lot of parents give their kids money to buy pepero for their friends, teacher, and family members.

Flower Gift Korea has added a few Pepero Gifts that are available all year around. But they are also a great gift to send to someone on Pepero day!

One of our special products is our Pepero and Flower Box:


I remember receiving pepero from my students, friends, and my then girlfriend now wife! It is just a great feeling to receive something on pepero day in Korea because almost everybody is giving and receiving a pepero gift of some kind.

Don’t lose this opportunity to send that special someone in Korea a Pepero Gift of some sort!

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