Chocolate Christmas Calendar

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Some of you may recognize this wonderful chocolate Christmas calendar from your childhood.
Normally we’re not supposed to eat chocolate in the morning, but December is a special month and with this calendar on the wall, we’ve got Santa’s permission to eat a piece of chocolate every day.

Let’s quickly introduce the concept of a chocolate Christmas calendar for those of you who are not familiar with it.

The calendar has 24 small “doors”, one for each day to Christmas eve.
Starting on December 1st, you can open one door every day.
Each door is numbered, so you have to find the right one; the one that corresponds to the date.
Behind each door is a piece of chocolate, and with Santa’s permission, you can enjoy this chocolate even in the morning before breakfast.

It’s a perfect match with our red Christmas center piece but if you know someone in Korea with a sweet tooth, then consider our delicious Christmas hamper.

If you’re interested in how Christmas is celebrated in North Europe and our Christmas calendar, check out this fine article on Wikipedia.




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