Personalized cake

$150.00 INCL. VAT


Our custom cakes come in two variants. One is a modern Korean rice cake while the other is a traditional cream cake.
The cakes are all made from the finest and freshest ingredients and every little detail is hand made. It makes this cake unique and you can be certain that your recipient will be pleasantly surprised to receive this very personal gift.

We will always try to meet your wishes in terms of customizations, but there are limitations to what is possible.

The rice cakes are typically characterized by the beautiful flower design which makes them perfectly match one of our beautiful bouquets or baskets.

The classic cream cakes comes with a flat surface and provide more space for you to be creative.

Pre ordering

Flower Gift Korea’s personalized cakes require time to prepare and therefore must be ordered a week in advance of the delivery date.
In order to have enough time to discuss the design and finally make the cake, we recommend that you order your cake two weeks or even more ahead of your planned delivery date.


Once we have received and confirmed the payment for your order, we will contact you to confirm the final design of your cake.


Parent’s Day, I Love You, Thinking of You, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Will you marry me.

Payment and delivery

Flower Gift Korea offers English service and flower delivery in Korea (Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon).
Cakes must be hand delivered to ensure they arrive in good condition. It’s important that there is someone home in order to receive and refrigerate the cake, especially during the summer period where temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius in Korea.

We offer three payment methods (Paypal, 2CO and domestic bank transfer) that can be selected on check out.

*All prices are in US dollars and includes VAT.

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