FGK’s Flower Box of the Day

$50.00 INCL. VAT

*When you check out, you can request up to 3 colors (not flower types) to be included in your flower design. If there is no preference, our florists will use their judgement to create your Flower of the Day. And they may add a few more colors if they think it’s necessary.

*The flowers used in the box vary day to day.


Parent’s Day, I’m sorry, I Love You, Thinking of You, Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, My Condolences

Flower Specs:

1-2 different colors of main flowers: Carnations, Lilies, Gerberas, Lisianthus, or other types.

2-3 assorted colors of secondary flowers/plants: Alstromeria, Freesia, Carnation Spray Fillers, White Fillers or Green Fillers, or other types.

Method of Delivery:

Hand Delivery

No extra Taxes, FREE basket, FREE Personalized card!

*All costs are in US dollars

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