Glass Vase (Medium)

$10.00 INCL. VAT


This vase is perfect for one of our beautiful flower bouquets. It fits a small to medium bouquet, for example a Romantic walk or the popular Flower of the Day bouquet.

The vase is 30cm tall.

It is made of transparent glass and designed with a few simple details that makes it easy to fit in any home.

It’s delivered separately but at the same time, to prevent it from breaking during the transportation.


Parent’s Day, Valentine’s Day, I Love You, Thinking of You, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Will you marry me.

Payment and delivery

Flower Gift Korea offers English service and flower delivery in Korea (Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon). Vases (and flowers) must be hand delivered to ensure they arrive in good condition.

We offer three payment methods (Paypal, 2CO and domestic bank transfer) that can be selected on check out.

Same-day delivery is usually possible if we have your order before 11AM, but we recommend you to contact us first to make sure.
The flower market is closed on Sundays so flowers for delivery on Sundays must be placed and paid the day before (Saturday) no later than 11AM.

*All prices are in US dollars and includes VAT.

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