3 Level Korean Flower Design A

$110.00 INCL. VAT


Business Opening, Wedding, Congratulations, My Condolences, I’m Sorry, etc.

Flower Specs:

Various flowers and artificial flowers
*Design can be slightly different depending on season/availability

Method of Delivery:


*The delivery cost is included in the cost, since this flower design is created by one of our partners. If there are any problems with the flower design, please let us know and we will take care of it. Also, if you order other items, they will be delivered separately, and not at the same time as the large flower arrangement.

No extra Taxes, FREE Personalized ribbon!
*The message should not be too long, so that it can be easily seen from far away.

*Please order this 24 hours in advance. If you require this flower product within a shorter period of time, please contact us.

*All costs are in US dollars