Pastel Beauty

$156.00 INCL. VAT


Parent's Day, I'm Sorry, I Love You, Thinking of You, Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations!

Flower Specs:

30-40 assorted pastels of Roses, Lisianthus, and Carnations, 3-5 yellow or white Callas, 2 pink hydrangeas, seasonal white and pastel fillers, and assorted greens.
*The amount of flowers depends on the size of each flower stem
*Other pastel flower colors can be substituted depending on the availability of the flowers. For example, the basket can contain yellow roses and purple lisianthus instead of what is shown in the product images.

Method of Delivery:

Hand Delivery

No extra Taxes, FREE basket/wrapping, FREE Personalized card!

*All costs are in US dollars

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