Teddy Bear and Chocolate Basket

$110.00 INCL. VAT


Parent's Day, I'm sorry, I Love You, Thinking of You, Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, My Condolences, All Occasions


1 Teddy Bear, 1 Box of Macadamia Premium Chocolate, 1 Box of Belgian Seashells (20 pieces), 3 Bars of Assorted Belgian Chocolates, 1 Giant Hershey Chocolate Bar, 1 Large Toblerone Bar, 1 Box of Chocolate Almonds, 2 Ghana Chocolate Bars, 1 Pack of Ferrero Rocher, 2 Bars of Assorted Chocolates, 2 Kinder Egg Surprise Chocolates

-“Cutie Pie” (White Color – 25cm)
-“Fluffy” (Brown Color – 33cm)

Method of Delivery:

Hand Delivery

No extra Taxes, FREE basket, FREE Personalized card!

*All costs are in US dollars

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