5 Star Raffle Prize Draw June 2017

As of now, Flower Gift Korea has over 160 five star reviews, which have been written on our Facebook Fanpage ( www.facebook.com/flowergiftkorea/reviews ) or on our Google Map page. We at Flower Gift Korea are very thankful for these reviews, since the people who left a review took time out of their day to write something encouraging for us. And these reviews have greatly helped our business. That is why we hold special prize draws for our customers who have left us a 5 star review. If you have purchased something from us and have left a 5 star review on our Facebook page or google map page, then you will have been automatically entered into the draw, and will automatically be entered into all of the 5 Star Raffle Prize draws we hold every so often.

So here is a screenshot of some of our Facebook reviews as of now:

As you can see, we have 106 Facebook Reviews at the moment, and all but one is a 5 Star review! We are so thankful for the reviews. And some people, like the one in the image above, also leave a picture of the gifts their loved one in Korea receives from Flower Gift Korea. And I always take the time to reply to every single review. So if you have left a 5 Star Facebook review, you are already a part of the 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw and will have a chance to win prizes every single time we have our 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw.

And here is a screenshot of some of our Google reviews as of now:

As you can see from the image, we have 60 reviews on our Google Maps listing and all of them have been 5 star ratings! It’s amazing to think about the number of reviews we have received from people all over the world. People have been very gracious and we have been able to provide a service that was satisfactory to them. And like the Facebook reviews, I always take time to reply to each review. I thank them for the review and maybe leave a few more comments if I am able to.

When Flower Gift Korea first started off, we didn’t have any reviews and no one really knew about us. And I always want to find a way to show my thanks to those who have encouraged us at Flower Gift Korea. That is why we came up with this 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw, to remind out customers that we appreciate them for their support.

So these prize draws are all done on our instagram account as a live show. You can follow us @flowergiftkorea on instagram, so you can see the raffle prize draw live. We then upload the video to youtube, our Facebook fan page, and create a blog post (like this one you are reading right now).

So we were able to give away 5 prizes for our very first 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw. Here are the winners and prizes:

Prize 1. Candy Bouquet 

Winner: Young Bae from the US (Customer ID: 10173)

Prize 2. Mixed Real Flower Keychain Set

Winner: Trish/Braidon Whatley from Australia (Customer ID: 10007)

Prize 3. Real Flower Clock

Winner: Trevor Radzewicz from the US (Customer ID: 10030)

Prize 4. $50 US credit on our Online Shop

Winner: Boaz Chan from the US (Customer ID: 10305)

Prize 5.  $100 US credit on our Online Shop

Winner: Dominik Novosad from Slovakia (Customer ID: 10536)

So these 5 lucky people have won a prize in our first 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw. If you didn’t win anything, don’t worry, we’ll have more of these draws. Also, if you have purchased something, but haven’t left a 5 star review, make sure to leave one before we have our next raffle draw, so you have a chance to win an awesome prize! And if you missed out on the draw, you can check out the youtube video below. It is the live video we created on Instagram. So it might look like we are talking to ourselves in the video, when in fact there were some people watching our raffle live and writing comments. Thank you to those for watching our first 5 Star Raffle Prize Draw.

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