How to Send Flowers to Seoul and Other Parts of South Korea

If you are living outside of Seoul South Korea, but you want to send flowers to someone you love in Korea, there are a lot of websites that cater to your needs. Obviously, Flower Gift Korea, us, is one option. However, there are a lot of other online flower delivery services that send flowers to parts of Korea. Most of the flower delivery services, actually, all of the other flower delivery services deliver to anywhere in Korea, usually within 4-6 hours of receiving the flower order.

On the other hand, Flower Gift Korea only delivers to certain areas, which include Seoul, Incheon (Depending on the location and season), and parts of Gyeongi-do. The reason that we do not deliver flowers to other parts of Korea is that we make every single one of our flower products and we want to ensure that we deliver a high quality gift to our recipients in Korea. The only exception are gift boxes, which we can send to anywhere in Korea. The reason that we are able to provide delivery all across Korea for our gift boxes is that we can hire a courier to send it express. But, a flower basket shouldn’t have to travel such long long distances to get to its recipient. The longer a flower gift travels, the more chance of it getting damaged.

So, we may not be able to deliver your flower order yet because we currently only have one location, which is in Seoul. So, if you are ordering flowers for someone outside of the areas we mentioned, you will have to contact another flower delivery website that delivers flowers.

Most of these websites have more flower products available than us, but not all of the flowers will be available for purchasing. Honestly, not all flowers are in season all the time and even if they are, the merchants at the flower market may not have flowers on stock. So, these are things that you need to consider.

If you decide to choose a flower delivery service other than us, I hope you will get your money’s worth. However, it will be hit or miss with ordering from the other flower delivery services that send flowers to Korea. This is because they are all brokers, which means that they don’t make their own flowers. So, what happens is that when you make an order and pay for a flower product, the brokers contacts a flower shop closest to your delivery destination. If the florist is good and has good flowers on hand, they can prepare and send the flowers to the delivery destination in Korea. However, most flower shops are small and only have a limited amount of flowers on hand. And almost all flower shops in Korea have to go to the flower market to restock on flowers.

Important Tip When Buying a Flower Gift!

It’s important to realize that the flower market closes at about 1:00pm everyday and isn’t open on Sundays. So, if you can make your order well before 8:00am Korea Standard Time, there is a chance of getting good quality flowers sent to your loved one in Korea. If you make your order after 1:00pm Korea Standard Time or on a Saturday, then there’s a chance that the florist in Korea will have to make do with what flowers he/she has on hand. 

At Flower Gift Korea, we restock on our flowers in the early mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday because these are the days new shipments of flowers are brought in to the flower market in Korea. We sometimes go on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if we need to restock on flowers for new orders. However, it is best to order 2 days in advance to ensure that the best flowers in Korea will be used in your flower gift.

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