Special Event Types of Gifts in South Korea

The feature image you see above is the exact same feature image we used in our blog post about Business Opening Presents in Korea, which is about my experience opening up a small business in Korea in the past, and about the types of gifts I had received. But in this post, I want to focus just on two of the present types I received, which you can see in the image. Can you guess which two? Well, they both have a ribbon attached to them that have someone’s names and congratulatory messages.

One of them is the Orchid flower pot, which is a typical gift sent to business openings, weddings, and even funerals (white color). The orchids come in different sizes and colors. Here are a few of some of the ones we have available for delivery all around Seoul, and parts of Incheon and Gyeongido:

Flower Gift Korea Orchid 170 A

Flower Gift Korea Orchid 130 D

Flower Gift Korea Orchid 110 A

These flower plants are relatively easy to take care of and are really beautiful.

The other type of flower gift that sticks out is the 3 level standing spray. This type of flower arrangement is very very common to send for business openings. Here are some of the ones we offer on our website:

Flower Delivery Korea Standing Spray 2x Korea Flower Delivery Standing Spray 3 Flower Gift Korea Standing Spray 1

These are what Koreans usually send other Koreans for occasions like funerals, business openings, and weddings. But you can send other types of gifts, because it is the thoughs that counts. But make sure the person receiving your gift, knows that you are the one sending it.

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