Special Requests

To request a product that isn’t found on our online shop, or to make any other request, follow these steps:

1. Email us at info@flowergiftkorea.com or message us on our Facebook page with the subject “Special Request – (A Short Description of your request)”

For example: Special Request – Change Carnation Colors

2. Provide further details of your request.

*Be as specific as possible. Photos, exact flower names, exact colors, etc.

For example: “I really like product X, but you guys are using pink carnations and I want to know if you guys can use red carnations instead.”

3. Wait for our reply.

We will let you know if the request can be made, an estimate of the cost, and how many days/weeks we need to put your request together. If your request is to change the color of a specific flower type, the price will more often than not be the same, but there are some flower types where the price greatly varies depending on the color.

Not all requests can be met, but we will do our best to provide whatever you need. Not all flower/plant types can be found in Korea.

For more information on Flower Gift Korea visit our FAQ page