Spring is in the air

It’s been an extraordinarily mild winter, but we are nevertheless looking forward to spring. The myriads of colors, warmer air, and smiles everywhere you go.
We had some spare time this weekend, and we went for a stroll along the big river that runs through Seoul, Hangang. The weather was great, still a bit cold when you’re out for a couple of hours, but there’s a feeling of spring in the air. While walking along the river, we also noticed how many of the trees are preparing for the spring. Small buds are popping up on the branches, beautiful little flowers peeking out through the floor or brown and yellow leaves.

Fresh buds on some bushes along Hangang

But between all the beauty we see outside, this year has started a very different way. Corona! The virus everybody is talking about and which is affecting Korea more than most other countries around the world.
As I am writing, officials and volunteers are working hard to keep it under control, and Korea has outnumbered any other country in the world in the number of tests it has been able to do. Many other countries would probably see much higher infection numbers if they put similar efforts into testing people.

It concerns though, even if it’s not as deadly as we initially assumed, then the speed its spread with, could make even the best health care system collapse and the consequences would spread like ripples in the water.

We, our staff, and all our partners are trying to do everything we can to protect ourselves and prevent any spread in case one of us is infected. All our delivery people are wearing at least N95 masks, and we are trying to make sure they fit correctly before sending our people outside. So far, we haven’t had any virus close, not any friends or families, and as far as we know, we haven’t delivered to anyone hit by Corona.

Despite the tense situation, we are proud of how Korea is dealing with the situation. We feel safe and confident that it will soon be under full control. Meanwhile, we will continue to operate, of course, with a few precautions, but mostly nothing that our customers will feel.

These gorgeous warm yellow Freesia is a sign that spring is here

In April, we’ll go to Denmark for a little while, to gather inspiration for new products. So come by our web site every now and then, to check for all the new and exciting gifts.

As always, we’re available on Facebook, Kakao, WhatsApp, Instagram and you can also give a call anytime. If we don’t respond, we probably have our hands full with flower bouquets or perhaps it’s night here when it’s day at your place.

We’re looking forward to serving all of you in 2020, and we’ll introduce you to a couple of new flower designs and other products throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. Good to know you all are OK.
    Thanks for your effort.

    1. Thank you Veronica, we hope you stay safe too.
      All the best
      The FGK team

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