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Chuseok (추석), otherwise known as Korean Thanksgiving, is just around the corner, signalling with it the end of summer and the start of autumn. This year it falls on Thursday the 1st of October, with the public holiday lasting from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October. The harvest festival is a time for eating amazing food, spending time with family, and giving gifts; in this post we’ll look into the significance of the Korean holiday and suggest some Chuseok gift delivery ideas, available here at Flower Gift Korea in Seoul, which can be sent to friends and family during the much-loved holiday season.

What is Chuseok?

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The holiday of Chuseok was once referred to as Hangawi (한가위), meaning ‘The Great Middle of Autumn,’ the time of the harvest moon. Like many agrarian societies of the past, a plentiful harvest would be celebrated with feasts and festivities in Korea, with families gathering to celebrate the bounty and give thanks to their ancestors. Almost 2000 years later the Chuseok traditions live on, and it remains one of the most significant Korean holidays in the nation’s calendar. The holiday is all about families getting together and showing appreciation not only for the successful harvest, but also one another; let’s take a look at how we do this through our traditions and customs.

Chuseok Traditions and Customs

Food, family and history are at the heart of Chuseok traditions. Before Chuseok and other major holidays, families may engage in the practice of Beolcho, where ancestral grave mounds are tidied up and maintained. Another way to honour the spirits of our ancestors on Chuseok is through Charye, a memorial rite where liquor and foods are presented as offerings to the four latest ancestral generations: the rite is very ritualistic, and involves lots of bowing and pouring of wine!

Flower Gift Korea’s Chuseok

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Pictured [above] is the Charye feast laid out in my uncle’s home, where we celebrate Chuseok and Seollal (another important Korean holiday) every year. As the eldest of the people during our celebrations, my uncle is given the job of pouring the wine, whereas I, being the youngest, have the honour of holding the cup. Following this, our family visits my grandmother’s resting place (also pictured), where we perform another ritual involving food and drink offerings. Food offerings may include traditional dishes such as tteokguk (rice soup), songpyeon (rice cakes) and hangwa (Korean sweets), accompanied by alcoholic drinks such as soju and makgeolli. We tend to bring dried fish and fruit, and makgeolli is poured cup by cup onto her resting place with some bowing in between.

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Chuseok gifts are exchanged between friends, family and business acquaintances, as much a part of Korean thanksgiving as any other culture’s. Popular chuseok gifts tend to be fruit baskets, cuts of meat such as beef and spam, snacks, and gift sets of essential and practical items: toiletries, haircare and such. In actuality, one of the best chuseok gifts you can give your family is money – with this, you can’t go wrong!

Top 3 Chuseok Gifts from Flower Gift Korea

We at Flower Gift Korea are here to fulfil all your Chuseok gift delivery needs, whether you are based in Seoul, Korea, or elsewhere in the world. Our webshop has a range of Korean traditional gifts as well as beautiful bouquets, hampers and fruit basket delivery; with the wide variety of products we have on offer, you’ll find the perfect Chuseok gifts for your friends and family.

Let’s take a look at some popular Chuseok gifts we have to offer:

Fruit Basket | $115.00 incl. VAT

fruit basket gift delivery korea seoul

Our beautifully presented Fruit Basket [ basket/] comprises a wide variety of large, fresh fruits, with at least eight different kinds included dependant on the season; large Korean pears and apples are particularly delectable this time of year. Chuseok fruit baskets are a popular gift, symbolic of the bountiful harvests which lie at the heart of Chuseok traditions and celebrations. If you’re looking for a Korean traditional gift to send to your family this holiday season, our fruit basket delivery would be the perfect choice.

Cheese and Deli Basket | $66.00-$124.00 incl. VAT

cheese deli basket gift korea seoul

Perhaps your loved one would prefer a food-based Chuseok gift delivery that is more savoury in flavour? Why not look into sending our Cheese and Deli Basket B [], comprising a selection of meats and cheeses in a delightful wicker basket that’s sure to impress. If you’d like to go one step further, consider our Cheese and Deli Party with Wine Basket A []. An even bigger basket with a wider selection of meats and cheeses, fruit and your choice of red or white wine, this popular gift is perfect to share amongst the whole family this Chuseok.

Flower Baskets | $50.00-$375.00 incl. VAT

love and respect flower basket
Here is our Love and Respect, a very popular choice and a great flower gift for Chuseok

While not necessarily a traditional Chuseok gift, our selection of flower baskets are perfect for letting your loved ones know how much you care this holiday season. We have a variety of price ranges, sizes and types of flowers to suit every taste and preference. Our Sunflower Smile Bouquet [ sunflower-smile-bouquet/] is ideal for saying goodbye to the summer season, or perhaps you’d like to send our Dangerous Love Bouquet [https://] which is bursting with warm, autumnal colours. We also offer a Bouquet of the Day [https://], designed from scratch by our talented florists according to the colours and blooms of the season. Available at a lower cost due to the fluctuating prices of flowers at market, the Bouquet of the Day is the perfect option if you’re looking to maximise your value for money in sending Chuseok gifts.

You can see our full range of products on offer at, and you are more than welcome to contact us at contact-flower-gift-korea/ if you’d like to discuss our Chuseok gift delivery options.

You can also read more about Chuseok here []

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