Other Types of Gifts in Korea

Flowers are always a wonderful gift to receive, especially if the person receiving the flowers isn’t expecting to receive them. We at Flower Gift Korea have the honor of preparing and delivering flowers to people in Korea on behalf of their loved ones living outside of Korea. But you can’t send flowers all the time, which is why we have added a bunch of “Handmade Flower Art” items that make for wonderful gifts for almost any occasion.

Have you heard of “Soju”? Soju is probably the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea. People often enjoy having some soju while eating “Samgyupsal” (Pork Belly), Korean barbecue style. And Samgyupsal parties often include soju. And you can’t have soju without soju glasses. That is why Flower Gift Korea has come up with Real Flower Soju glasses, which come in a set of 4 in our pretty box. The flower designs in each soju glass are all handmade with real flowers.

If you have a friend that misses Korea or enjoys having soju time, this real flower soju glass set will make for a wonderful present:

Real Flower Soju Glass Gift Set By Flower Gift Korea

Flower Gift Korea Soju Glass Gift Set Baby Blue Color

As you can see from the photos, the soju glasses look nicer with soju actually in it.

If your friend or loved on in Korea does not drink soju, you can always send something else. Maybe your friend has long hair and likes to wear pretty hair ties. Flower Gift Korea has Handmade Real Flower hair ties available as well. You can purchase a beautiful set of 6 different hair ties as a present for your friend in Korea:

Korean Handmade Gift Set Hairties

You can see the blue one on display in the feature image. If you couldn’t tell, the model in the feature image is the Co-owner of Flower Gift Korea, Brandy Choi. You can follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brandyflowergiftkorea/

And we always make sure that these gift sets come in nicely wrapped boxes, since they are meant to be sent as gifts to people in Korea. You can also spoil yourself and get yourself some if you’ve been good.

Well, maybe your friend doesn’t have long hair and doesn’t drink any alcohol. Well, we got a few gift sets anyone can appreciate. Check out our Real Flower Magnets:

Real Flower Magnet Gift Set Seoul

You can stick them on your fridge, your locker, or anywhere there is metal 🙂 They make for nice gifts and are pretty to look at.

Alright, well maybe your friend doesn’t have any hair, doesn’t drink, and doesn’t have a fridge. What else can you send besides flowers?

Well, here is our Mixed Real Flower key chain set:

Flower Gift Korea Flower Mixed Key Chain Gift Set

These key chains like all of our handmade products are made in Korea. So they can be really nice souvenirs as well.

And if your friend doesn’t like keychains, send her/him a clock. Everyone needs to know the time, so sending a Real Flower Design Clock can be a great idea!

Flower Gift Korea Delivery Gift Clock Service

So the next time you need to send a gift to someone in Korea. You can check out our handmade gifts section to see what is available.


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