Valentines Day in Korea

It’s very common to see couples wearing matching shirts, jackets or shoes when they go out together

Like most places around the world Valentine’s Day is also a special day in Korea. It’s a day where we show the ones we love, how much we love them. We bring them flowers and other wonderful gifts and we write them sweet letters that they can keep to remember the day.

It is a very busy time for flower shops and date venues because everyone in the country is excited at the chance of giving and receiving gifts and love from one another. If you are in Korea on Valentines Day, you will see couples everywhere, wearing couple jackets, shoes and shirts, a phenomenon that seems a bit awkward but cute for many foreigners, but is embraced by romantic Koreans. Restaurants will be busy during this day, especially in certain popular areas like Gangnam, Hongdae, Apgujung, etc. so if you are planning on inviting your special one out for dinner, you better reserve a table as soon as possible.

If you have a special one in Korea who is alone on Valentine’s Day or you just want to remind someone that they mean something special to you, this is the perfect time to send something special their way.

Order in advance

Genibie is working on a beautiful rose bouquet

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for flower shops and suppliers, and everybody is working really hard to make and deliver flowers all around the country. It takes a lot of planning to make it happen as smoothly as possible, but most of all, it just takes a lot of hard work. We at Flower Gift Korea are determined to provide exactly the same quality as we always do but we will probably be less responsive on our messengers and last minute changes will be difficult for us. So it’s very important to place your order in advance with all the details necessary, such as correct address, card message and phone number!

The most difficult part of Valentines Day is arranging the deliveries, so it’s a great help for us if we can have your orders at least 2 days before Valentines Day. Most of our delivery partners actually don’t have the resources to deliver all our orders, so we have to arrange the deliveries between several different delivery companies.

What should I give?

People often ask us, what we think would make a nice gift on Valentine’s Day. It’s of course not easy to answer as people likes different flowers, colors and some may prefer chocolate over flowers, but here are a couple of typical gifts that we have sent on Valentine’s Day


Roses will always be one of the best ways to show love and romance. We have several types of rose bouquets that range from classic beautiful red arrangements to vibrant and colorful bouquets. They come in elegant rose-only bouquets or mixed with other types of flowers such as Lilies or Alstromerias.

The number of roses in one bouquet is your choice and in theory there is no limit of how many roses you can choose, but physically it becomes heavier and more difficult to handle the bigger it becomes, obviously. 100-150 roses would be an approximate maximum with standard sized roses but we can add more with smaller roses or spray roses.

Roses come in so many beautiful colors. Classic deep red roses are available all year round and always in a good quality. We would always recommend these roses if you are in doubt. If you are interested in a different color, please mention what color you are interested in when you place your order. We cannot guarantee that we can get the color, especially during Valentine’s, but we will do our best to find the colors of your preference in the quality that we always promise.

Other flowers and gifts

Baby breath and rose bouquet, click the picture to go directly to the product

The Baby breath and roses bouquet is one of our favorites. These two flowers are just a wonderful match. The deep red roses surrounded by the fine little white flowers, creates a strong contrast yet so harmonic. It’s a very popular bouquet all year round and often used for proposals.

Champagne and wines

Click the picture to go directly to all our wines and champagne

Flowers and champagne is also an excellent combination. The fine Moet & Chandon is a perfect match with any rose bouquet and the set below would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Our red Pinotage wine comes in a beautiful flower decorated bottle and is a special wine that we have carefully selected with our supplier.

Our white Sauvignon comes in the same beautiful flower decorated bottle and it great combined with a box of chocolate and a wonderful flower bouquet.

Chocolate & snacks

We share our love with many; our children, friends, wife and parents. Some of our special ones may prefer a delicious chocolate bouquet over flowers. Flower Gift Korea has a beautiful Ferrero Roucher chocolate bouquet and as you can see on the picture, it is certainly appreciated. These beautifully arranged chocolates are a popular choice all year round, and both kids and adults love to receive this editable decoration.

If you are thinking of giving sweets, then see our selection of snacks, chocolates and candy here or simply click the picture

Stuffed toys

“Huggable bear, rose bouquet and Ferrero rocher”

If you still are in doubt what to choose, we can recommend the ultimate combination of a beautiful rose bouquet, our “huggable” white bear and a heart shaped box of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

We also have a wide selection of teddy bears ranging in size, colors and types. These soft stuffed toys are a wonderful gift for someone far away. Our “Cutie Pie” for example, is a classic white teddy bear that is just waiting to be hugged. We cannot imagine anyone not being thrilled by a beautiful flower bouquet accompanied by this cute bear.

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