Visiting The Garden of Morning Calm in July (2016)

Flower Gift Korea visited The Garden of Morning Calm this Month (July)

July is the month of the hydrangea at The Garden of Morning Calm, which is a large garden with flowers and flower exhibits located in Gapyeong, Gyeongi-do, South Korea. It is a great place to visit and Flower Gift Korea was there just to hang out and find some time to just be at peace.

Walking around the Korean garden

We went to this garden on a date, Brandy and I. So, we decided to take some photos and make a short video of what you can expect to see if you visit in July/August. Here is a 1 minute and 34 second video of our visit to the garden:

As mentioned, we went when the hydrangea festival was taking place. So, there is an area with a lot of hydrangea flowers. Also, there are places where you can take pictures. Honestly, there weren’t that many hydrangea exhibits, but it was still nice to see the beautiful hydrangea flowers in this Korean garden.

some hydrangeas in Korea

Here are more beautiful hydrangeas. There were many kinds of hydrangeas there, and most of the hydrangeas I saw are sold at the various flower markets in Korea.

Hydrangea bench for taking pictures in the Korean Garden

Here are some potted hydrangea plants. There is some information about the particular hydrangea flower in the pot, but it is only written in Korean.

Some more beautiful Korean hydrangeas

Some more hydrangeas. Most of the exhibits had a bench nearby.

hydrangea flower bench in South Korea

Here is the bonsai garden, which was a little small. But, it was cool to see.

Other Korean flower exhibitions

The best thing about our visit was just walking around and enjoying the scenery.

calm and peaceful in South Korea

This place is called The Garden of Morning Calm for a reason.

Great beautiful scenery in South Korea

I personally think think exhibits with a stream or a pond were the best. The sound of the water flowing is really peaceful.

beautiful scenery in South Korea

It’s definitely a great place to visit. Go alone or with some friends. You’ll definitely be able to calm your spirit down and find some peace.

For more information on the center, the cost of entrance, how to get there, and some of the exhibits, check out our post, The Garden of Morning Calm in South Korea. If you visit this post, you can access the map of the place, what events are held month to month, and links to more helpful information.

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