Wedding Proposal Flower Bouquet in Seoul South Korea

There are more and more people visiting Seoul, South Korea these days. There is good food to eat for not so munch money, KPop and KDramas are followed by many people all over the world, and there are a lot of things for couples to do. As a couple visiting South Korea, you can go to a nice restaurant, go to nice cafes and bars, go to a fun multi-room (games, movies, etc), buy couple t-shirts and hats, write your names on a lock at Seoul Tower, and visit the places romantic scenes in Korean dramas were and are filmed.

We at Flower Gift Korea have had the honor of helping people get engaged in Korea. Well, all we did was make a flower Bouquet and prepare some cute stuffed toys, but the flowers were very symbolic for the whole wedding proposal in Korea.

Usually, the person asking us for proposal flowers is a man who is surprising his lover with flowers waiting in the hotel room. We have written a lot of “Will You Marry Me?” cards. The best feeling is when our customer emails us after and thanks us for the flower. And it’s even more special when they say, “my fiance loved the flowers!”

But at the same time, there are those who use the flowers differently. They tell us to just make sure to get the flowers to the front desk hotel by a certain time. And they ask the hotel staff to help with the whole process. We sometimes receive phone calls from the hotel staff and we discuss the plans together for the proposal that will happen at hotel restaurant.

Now, what kind of flowers would be best for a wedding proposal in Seoul South Korea? Well, it can be any flower bouquet to be honest. Some people have chosen our medium bouquets as a proposal flower gift. But if you ask me, make sure you take your future wife to somewhere really nice if you are just getting a regular size bouquet, or make sure to give something like a stuffed toy with it, so the night is extra special.

Here are some of the medium/semi large flower types people have used to propose to their then girlfriends (current wives):

Mixed Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangea Bouquet in Korea as a proposal

Gerbera Bouquet

Gerbera Wedding bouquet

Majestic Beauty

Some people wanted to get something different. They told us that they wanted something to keep to remember the whole event, so some people have purchased a flower box. The reason for using a flower box was because they said that it would be too difficult to take the flowers back with them to their home country. So we made them a flower box like the one below.

Blue Roses and Chocolates Box

Blue Roses Proposal Flower Box Korea

But if you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend, I say it is a good idea to really invest some time into thinking about your plan, and some money into the flowers you are getting her. I mean, you only propose once, so make it count! Here are some of the “Higher Class” flowers people have used (and should use) to propose:

40 Long Stem Roses

Long Stem rose for Korea wedding proposal

20 Garden Roses

David Austin Garden roses in Seoul South Korea

Extra Large Pastel Bouquet

Pastel Bouquet Proposal Korea

Pink Light (Super)

Pink Bouquet Wedding Proposal

Roses and Baby’s Breath

Babys Breath Roses Korea


Peony Bouquet
Peony Bouquet Wedding Proposal

Peonies are only available at certain times, so it is not available on our online shop. Peony season in Korea is around April/May, so peonies are only available around at that time. Please contact us if you would like peonies at around that time.

Standing Rose Basket and Champagne

Standing Rose Bouquet Wedding Proposal Seoul

So these are some of the flowers you can use in your proposal plan in Seoul South Korea. It honestly doesn’t matter which flowers you use to propose. What does matter is that you choose flowers that your future wife is going to like. So try to find out what kind of flowers your future wife likes. And make sure to order the flowers in advance and coordinate with your hotel, so that the flowers are delivered on time and are setup as you have planned. You only get one chance to propose, so make it count!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Proposal Flower Bouquet in Seoul South Korea

  1. I would like to purchase a proposal flower when my travel to Seoul at December 2019.
    Where is your shop location? Near to which area?

    1. Our flower shop is located in the Southern part of Seoul in an area called Yangjae-dong. It’s not far from Gangnam station by bus or train.
      Here’s a link to our location on Google maps
      Team FGK

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