White Day in Korea (2017)

White Day in Korea falls on March 14th. White Day is a not a national holiday, but it is a day for couples to go on dates. The whole idea of White Day is for men to give women candy and other gifts. It is widely believed that Valentine’s Day in Korea is for women to give chocolate to men and White Day is for men to give candy to women. However, the majority of the orders we receive on both of these special days are from men sending gifts to a special lady (or ladies) in Korea.

It is a great chance to buy something special for someone special in Korea. The best thing to send someone on White Day is a flower and some candy or chocolates. Though it is technically a day for candy giving, it’s also a chance for anyone to give a special gift to a friend.

One of the popular candy gifts we have available is our Candy Bouquet:

Seoul Flower Shop Candy Bouquet

People usually order this candy bouquet, along with a flower gift. As stated by one of our florists, “You need to at least send something with a flower bouquet”.

White Day is honestly just another day for couples to hang out with one another. It is just like Valentine’s Day, but it can also be a day where friends in Korea give candy gifts to friends. Though Valentine’s Day is seen as a romantic day, White Day can be celebrated by friends. For example, co-workers like to give each other candy to each other on White Day, but you necessarily wouldn’t give chocolate to your co-workers on Valentine’s Day. But then again, these rules are not written in stone.

You can even send a stuffed toy, like this emoticon pillow for a White Day gift to someone special in Seoul South Korea:

Emoticon Pillow Delivery to Korea and Message

In the end, White Day is just an excuse for couples to spend time with one another and to show each other that they care. Though White Day is considered a romantic day in Korea, it isn’t as big as Valentine’s Day. But hey, if you really really care about someone, you’ll find any excuse you can to show them that you love them.

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